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Convenient, fast & secure access

Speedlanes & turnstiles access control systems are an ideal crowd control solution, allowing you to effectively manage and monitor the flow of people in to and out of your building. Speedlanes provide convenient, fast, and secure access, and are compatible with a wide range of access control systems, maximising security without the need for a physical guard. Turnstiles also integrate with access control systems and come in half height and full height variations, with half height being our most popular solution. Both offer a cost-effective means of managing access. For areas that require balustrade infill to close off gaps, we can provide glass balustrades to complement speedlanes and speedgate turnstiles.

Bespoke solutions to suit your specific requirements

When planning and developing a speedlanes and turnstile access control solution for you, aspects we’ll consider include footfall, aesthetics, security levels, system height, DDA compliance and budget. Our solutions include:

Argus 40

A 1,200mm long, compact, modular, automatic sensor barrier system ideal for internal applications where space is limited. Choose from single, double, triple, quadruple, or any other combination of lanes, an extended passage width of up to 915mm for wheelchair users, and flush, concealed, or surface mounted RFID scanner access.

Argus 60

A 1,650mm long, advanced, automatic sensor barrier system with additional features compared to the Argus 40 model such as ambient lighting, safety level 2 sensor system, user guidance light-strip, and with a variety of materials and colours to choose from.

Argus 80

A 1,660mm long, advanced, automatic sensor barrier system with additional features to the Argus 60 model including front and rear vertical frame sections provided as a seamless single piece. Door leaves and side panels can also be customised to incorporate colours and logos.

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