End-to-end solutions for Commercial buildings

Helping you create stunning, safe and productive workspaces for your employees and visitors

From a large Grade A office block to a small local bank, and whether you are working on a new build or refurbishment project, our commercial solutions assist in the safe and secure movement of employees and visitors around your building and enhance workspaces.

We offer a wide range of world-class products backed up by local expertise and design. We also provide a comprehensive maintenance package to ensure the smooth running of all products through our branch network in Dublin, Cork and Belfast. We look at your building or project as a whole and offer integrated solutions based around doors and accessibility, specialist glazing and partitions.

We are the chosen provider of internationally-renowned brands of high quality glazing systems including MHB, Schuco & Ottostumm which enables us to provide our clients with a glazing solution for their project that not only offers superb functionality, but also perfectly compliments their design intent with superior aesthetics. Our glazing consultants will advise you on the best glazing solution for your project based on your budget, the purpose and location of the glazing and other requirements such as dB rating, UV protection, product capabilities, overall project aesthetic or frame options, for example.


Complete commercial solutions

Slim profile, automated revolving or sliding door entry systems will create a timeless, clean, secure and functional entrance to your building. Internally, the use of concealed frame riser door systems for example, masks the installation of service cupboards in a clean and unobtrusive fashion, creating a flush transition between the door and the surrounding wall therefore eliminating the traditional eyesores that can detract from an otherwise stunning design.


The use of ultra-slim, glazed steel systems around lift lobbies, offices and corridors can provide an exceptionally stylish and modern look, allowing your office space or other commercial building to benefit from minimal sightlines and allowing maximum natural day light to travel through the interior space.


In addition to enhancing the look and feel of your commercial offices and buildings, specifying controlled access solutions will improve security by ensuring the safe and secure movement of employees and visitors around your building.


Benefit from form and function

Combine aesthetics & functionality to create beautiful spaces with specialist glazing, architectural hardware, door automation and contactless access.


Using a holistic approach, we develop innovative access and automation strategies integrating door automation, key management, electric locking systems and contactless access solutions that combine the latest technology with maximum control over building security.

Automatic doors for commercial buildings

Large commercial buildings such as office blocks usually have revolving doors or sliding doors installed at their front entrances. Internally, some commercial facilities also have automated swing doors with or without access control. There may also be a requirement for disabled access through an automated system such as a push-pad or sensor, or hands-free automation for areas such as bathrooms or canteens to maximize hygiene control.

Speedlanes and turnstiles to control access

In large scale commercial buildings, speedlanes and turnstiles are entrance and exit lanes that enable you to monitor and control who enters ad exits your building, providing convenient, fast, and secure access, that is compatible with a wide range of access control systems. If you need to enclose or safeguard your speedlanes or turnstiles, glass balustrades can be provided to complement your entrance systems.

Access control for enhanced security

The commercial sector requires a variety of access and security solutions ranging from simple mechanical digital locks to fully networked access management systems. Our access control solutions include RFID smart contactless access, bio-metric recognition, touch free sensor activation units, electronic locks and cylinders plus electronic strike and magnetic door locks. All of which can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS) and fire safety equipment, as well as other elements like automation, barrier systems and lifts. Once installed, we provide 24/7 support through our network of service centres.

Architectural hardware and master key management

A range of hardware solutions, including door levers, pull handles, signage, door closers, hinges, locks, cylinders, and master-key locking systems are necessary in commercial buildings. These must meet industry standards and provide the appropriate performance ratings as well as all the fire test evidence and certification. Our comprehensive range of co-ordinated door furniture, door hardware and lever door handles provide a huge choice of style and finish with high performance components at the core.

Area and spatial management for commercial interiors

Commercial buildings often need to optimize space and adapt to a changing environment. Our movable walls and partitions can be used to create new spaces in one area, or they can help you divide up a single large space into multiple small areas. Our most popular options offer excellent acoustical properties and insulation values, ideal for turning a large conference room in your office building into multiple private meeting rooms for example.

Concealed door systems with a flush finish

Our concealed door systems are versatile and elegant, featuring a frameless design which allows you to create a flush finish that blends in seamlessly with your commercial interior. The high performance folded steel frames of our riser doors feature an integral perforated plasterbead which allows the plaster or tape and jointing compound to be applied up to the edge concealing the door frame and all fixings.

Fire strategy for the safety of your building occupants

An effective and compliant fire strategy is paramount in any public-occupied building. We assist you in ensuring your commercial building occupants will have a carefully planned-out escape route, that is protected from smoke, fire and heat, and is fully compliant with industry standards and legislation.

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