Fingerprint reader to strengthen the security of your building with user authentication

Biometric Access Control Systems

Our Biometric Access Control solutions can be used to strengthen the security of your building with user authentication that incorporates a physical characteristic—fingerprint, palm, iris, or facial recognition—with a digital one. By using features that distinguish one individual from another, you can manage the access of people with different privileges in a simple yet highly secure way. Giving you an additional layer of security by ensuring that your employees, customers, or visitors cannot gain entry to unauthorised areas.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Convenient and secure access through biometric technology.

Available in various options, our authentication-based biometric entry systems ensure more granular control over who gets access to what areas of your building by using state-of-the-art biometric technologies to verify identities.

Whether you choose finger print entry systems, biometric turnstiles or door access through facial recognition, our biometric systems provide a convenient option for controlling access to restricted areas within your business.

Eliminate logins and passwords, decrease IT support costs and grant or revoke secure access as necessary in a quick, reliable manner. Ideal for commercial office buildings, education settings and other large complexes where many different individuals need to gain entry.

What’s more, our Biometric Access Control solutions are scalable and adaptable, and can be used either as a standalone biometric reader or in combination with other security systems (depending on the requirements of your building).

Our biometric access control and entry systems are cost effective and easy to install because they use a simple infrared reader technology and don’t require complicated IT infrastructures to be integrated into an existing building.


  • Ultra-fast, highly accurate recognition
  • Unparalleled, precise performance
  • Easy to use with no passwords or cards to remember
  • A non-transferable authentication-based system
  • Increased security for your building
  • Manage access of people within your business
  • Improved audit trails in case of emergency
  • Scalable and future proof security solution
  • Use as a stand alone unit or with other systems
  • Easily integrated into new builds as well as existing buildings

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