Window Actuators,
Vents and Controls

Effective smoke & heat ventilation for your building

A wide range of window actuators, automatic ventilation systems, and controls, to enhance the safety and security of your building. Our range consists of actuators, controls, louvres, vents (AOVs), fans, switches and sensors for a variety of smoke and environmental ventilation and window automation applications. All products are tested in accordance with the relevant EN12101 harmonised suite of standards for smoke control compliance and designed in accordance with BS7346-8 Code of Practice. We offer solutions for most profile systems including aluminium, PVC and timber.

Our automatic ventilation systems include both smoke and fresh air circulation systems, while our actuators can be tailored to a large variety of window shapes and sizes, with manual and automatic applications available.

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Effective, automated smoke evacuation systems

The most common cause of death or injury in a fire is smoke inhalation. Smoke ventilation systems are designed to create an effective evacuation system for smoke in the event of a fire emergency. Typically connected to the buildings fire alarm system, the ventilation system automatically opens windows and skylights if it detects smoke and heat in a building, allowing the smoke to escape. With an effective, compliant smoke ventilation strategy, as the smoke floods out of the designated escape routes, a smoke-free layer of air remains, buying building occupants precious time to exit and reducing exposure to dangerous smoke and toxins.

Environmental (Natural) Ventilation Systems

Improve air quality, reduce CO2 emissions

Environmental (natural) ventilation systems are generally automated and help to circulate clean air around a building. These systems assist in the creation of energy efficient buildings by improving air quality and reducing the costs and CO2 emissions typically associated with traditional air conditioning systems. The systems are also ideal for hard to reach windows or where dexterity or strength is an issue for users.

System Components

Actuation devices are available to suit a large variety of window sizes, shapes and orientations, and can be manual or automatic, depending on their application and your requirements. Systems typically consist of single or twin chain actuator(s) and intelligent compatible controllers. We have an extensive range of accessories that tailor the solution to the specific needs of your building.

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