Glazed Fire Screens & Doors

Integrity, insulation and modern aesthetics

Containing and controlling the spread of fire is crucial to providing building users and occupants with a safe and effective passage to escape. Glazed Fire Screens and Doors help to contain the spread of fire, improve visibility, and allow for the flow of natural light through a building.

Our team of glazing experts work with you and your fire officers to understand the fire rated glazing requirements of your building, identifying where the glazing should be located, the integrity and insulation levels required, what smoke, radiation and ventilation levels are specified, and if there is a demand for automation. We’ll collaborate to deliver a solution that fits the specific needs of your building.

Expert Glazing Advice

Our glazed fire screens and doors are available with integrity-only (E) or integrity & insulation (EI) fire protection ratings, depending on your specific requirements. Fire screens and doors are commonly used in any multiple-occupancy building. Our team of glazing experts will advise you on the most suitable system to suit your specific needs. Our fire rated screen and door solutions offer height capabilities of up to 3 metres, slim profiles, maximum glazed elements, integrated hardware and access control and manual or automatic operation, depending on the intended use. We also provide both fire and non-fire rated internal and external curtain walling systems and viewing panels.

EI Rated Glazing

Our integrity & insulation (EI) rated fire glazing systems enable escape from the fire by limiting the amount of radiant heat emitted through the glass, which can be life-threatening in certain instances. When the fire glazing turns cloudy, this indicates that a fully developed fire is occurring on the other side and an alternative exit should be sought.

Choosing the Right System for your Project

The choice of system is determined by several factors including your fire resistance requirements, e.g. 30, 60, 90, or 120-minute fire protection, sound insulation requirements, door functionality, e.g. push/pull vs. mechanical “lever” function, budget, aesthetics, location within your building, intended frequency of use and compliance with building regulations and EN1634-1 / BS476 Part 22.

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