Aluminium Walls & Partitions

Our glass / glazed walls and partitions include our Aluminium Walls and Partitions range. An easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable wall partition solution for your commercial building projects. Featuring aluminium trim profiles between demountable panels, our highly flexible Aluminium Walls and Partitions provide a versatile solution that easily adapts as your spatial needs change. Custom made to your exact specifications and available in various finishes, materials, sizes, fire ratings, and with sound insulation of up to 54 dB Rw, they are a highly practical wall partition solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, performance or style.

Aluminium Walls & Partitions

A durable, versatile and visually impactful partition solution

Our range of aluminium partitions are perfect for creating designated zones or separate areas for privacy in open working spaces. They provide visual separation and also reduce sound transmission, making them a great option for private offices, meeting rooms or any other high traffic area where privacy is needed. As they can be easily moved around, they also provide an ideal way of reconfiguring your workspace without having to invest in new permanent structures, making our Aluminium walls and partitions the perfect solution to your changing business needs.

We offer a full range of walls and partitions, one of the most popular of which is our custom-designed Aluminium glass partition systems. With their minimalist and clean feel creating a modern industrial look, they are commonly specified in contemporary office spaces where the emphasis is on flexibility, performance and design.

All our Aluminium Walls and Partitions are custom made to suit the specific design and performance requirements of your project. Our specialists will work with you from planning stage to ensure the most suitable wall and partition solutions are specified.

  • Visually impactful, they provide an impressive way to divide an open-plan space
  • Demountable panels provide an easy solution for reconfiguring your workspace
  • Can be supplied with sound proofing properties for enhanced acoustic performance
  • Fire and non-fire rated systems available depending on performance needs
  • Brighter, more transparent working environments can be created with aluminium glass partitions
  • Choose from a range of contemporary designs, colours and styles
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