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An end-to-end, highly-detailed, project specification and scheduling solution

At KCC, we focus on the detail. Nothing missed, everything carefully considered. We’ve baked this way of working into building an intelligent, highly-detailed, project specification and project scheduling solution.

A solution that helps architects and contractors spend far less time on design, speeding client approval time, and reducing your risk. An innovative, unique solution, that delivers clear, easy to follow, fully compliant design submittals, project set submittals and technical submittals. All the detail, plans, drawings, specifications, warranties, and certifications for every element and component of your project.

We take care of the detail, saving you time and hassle.

Reduce your
design time
Reduce client
approval time
your risk

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A Four Step Solution

Colour Coded Floor Plans

Crystal clear, easy to follow,
easy to review, floor plans.

Our experts start by colour coding each element of your floor plans, identifying the key parts of the access strategy. This provides a crystal clear, easy to interpret visualisation of where the key elements of the project are located, and allows for you to easily distinguish between them. You’re empowered with a clear picture of your project, speeding project reviews and helping to determine if the plans need to be adjusted.

Project Sets Submittal

All the detail.
Every set and component listed.

We map out all the elements and components that make up your project in the Project Sets Submittal. All sets and components include the relevant colour coded key from the floor plans, so that you can easily relate each element back to its location in the overall plan.

Design Submittal

Detailed isometric drawings
showing exact set functionality.

Our experts create detailed isometric drawings for each set, clearly showing the specific functionality of every element. Each drawing is also mapped back to its colour coded key from the floor plan, highlighting the planned location of the element in the building. Together, the colour coded drawing and the functionality overview allows you to determine if the functions of that set match the exact requirements for that location in the building, speeding reviews and ensuring all functionality is carefully considered.

Technical Submittal

All datasheets, specifications,
certificates and warranties in one book.

One book with all the detail, put together by KCC. Datasheets, specification text, certifications and warranties, for every component, every element, every set, of your project. Nothing missed. All the technical information ready first time, for one review and approval. No need for multiple reviews and no need to chase the detail. We provide everything. Revit models are also available on request.

Their detailed drawings and specification documentation are a huge help to us.
Olivia Safer, Aughey O’Flaherty Architects
The KCC guide to simplifying specification download

Your Guide To Simplifying Specification

Download the KCC Group guide to simplifying specification to discover 9 easy-to-follow steps for hassle-free project specification and scheduling.

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