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KCC Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Keep your building operating as intended with pre-planned maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the most economic way to obtain optimal profits from your equipment as it reduces the risk of incorrect performance, malfunctions and downtime. Our preventative maintenance agreement covers all necessary servicing, recommended by KCC, at the correct intervals and in a proactive manner. It offers fixed routine maintenance costs and allows for easy maintenance cost forecasting. Our service team will discuss your requirements and create a plan, whether it’s a single automatic door in a retail unit or a suite of electronic locking systems in a hotel, your plan can be customised and adjusted at any time to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of KCC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Each one of our SLA clients can avail of the same level of benefits which guarantee efficient repairs or replacements when needed to minimize costly downtime and keep your building operating as intended:

  • A dedicated support line.
  • On-call engineers 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Preferential call-out rates.
  • Priority on call outs, spare parts etc.

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The level & speed of service we have received has been outstanding both in consistency and delivery. Their product knowledge & experience across automatics & access control has transitioned them from a service provider to a highly regarded partner.
Dale Poole, Director, CHC Group

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