Anti-Ligature Doorsets

Specialist doorsets that help save lives

At 49% doors now represent the single biggest cause of ligature-based suicides in mental health inpatient environments – door safety in mental health facilities is essential. Our doorsets are available with the world’s first and only full-door ligature alarm, which alerts clinical staff to a ligature attempt.

We endeavour to provide our clients with both advice and knowledge when developing their project specifications and subsequently products that will assist in keeping all service users, patients and staff, safer. All products have been tried and tested rigorously.

Full-Door Ligature Alarm

Turning the entire door into a weighing scale we can provide the worlds first and only full-door ligature alarm.

Key Features

  • Addresses ligature risk at all heights – not just the top
  • Discreetly built-in to the door, minimising ligature learning opportunities
  • Filters out false alarms
  • Integrates with most staff attack alarm systems
  • Wireless system with minimal infrastructure – causing less disruption to live wards
  • Unique online monitoring system supports clinical observations by sending staff real-time updates on the status of all alarms from any internet connected device


En-Suite Door

The saloon-style swing door allows for head and feet checks during observations, considering patients’ privacy and dignity.

Key Features

  • Leaves detach if a ligature is attempted, at a minimum of 3kg load
  • Self-locating design ensures easy leaf reattachment
  • The strong magnets and pivot mechanism avoid leaves detaching during day-to-day use
  • Magnets cant be removed or ingested
  • Soft, lightweight leaves minimise weaponisation
  • Retrofits in under 60 minutes
  • Considerable savings compared to alternatives
  • “A revolutionary lifesaving solution”
    – DIMHN judges


Anti-Barricade Doorset

Reliable, fast access

Key Features

  • Anti-barricade stop releases reliably, even with internal pressure applied by the patient
  • Emergency staff access injust 5 seconds – the fastest in mental health
  • Activate from a position of safety with a clear line of sight into the room
  • Full Door Ligature Alarm detects ligature attempts across the entire door (optional)


Seclusion Doorset

Designed for patients in a heightened mental health crisis.

Key Features

  • Timber effect finish to aid de-escalation
  • No harmful protruding hardware on service user side
  • Robust multipoint electronic or mechanical locking options
  • Laminated hardwood door
  • Durable PVC facings reduce damage under attack


Corridor Doorset

FD60 rated and FD30 for extra-wide doors

Key Features

  • The only extra-wide corridor doorset that’s FD30 rated
  • Choice of mechanical or electronic locking options
  • Concealed, anti-ligature transom door closer with internal back check to prevent the door being slammed or weaponised – keeping staff safer
  • For secure ward entrance and cross-corridor doors


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