card access control Fast and convenient passage for authorised users.

Card Access Control Systems

As part of our range of access control solutions, we offer Card Access Control Systems including Swipe Card Access, Proximity Card Reader solutions, RFID Access Controls, and hospitality bedroom door locks. With the use of security access cards, card reader systems allow for multiple people to access a building or space, and are commonly used to manage the entrance and exit points to offices, schools and multi-occupancy residential premises, as well as to control access to areas within healthcare facilities, hotels and spas.

Card Access Control Systems

Fast and convenient passage for authorised users.

From hospitals, hotels and residential buildings, to commercial offices, industrial plants and manufacturing facilities, card access control solutions are ideal for buildings and businesses of all sizes as they offer an effective way to restrict access to employees, customers, patients, visitors and guests, whilst still providing fast and convenient passage for authorised users.

Our card reader systems can be provided with either magnetic stripe, smart card or contactless RFID technology. They can be used with keypads for single-door access or as part of a larger integrated security system that allows you to monitor activity and track people as they move around your building

These access control systems also support biometric identification such as fingerprint analysis, facial recognition or iris scanners to further enhance identity verification during the access process. What’s more, with the addition of cloud-based software, your card reader systems and access control cards can be managed from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet.

Our Access Control Systems protect what matters to you. We offer a variety of card reader systems and software that can be used across an entire facility or just one building. Helping your businesses protect its assets, reduce liability, and securely allow access to only those with permission.


  • Solutions include Swipe Cards, Proximity Card Readers, RFID Access Control and the supply, installation and maintenance of hospitality locking systems
  • Reliable protection against unauthorised entry
  • Provides high levels of security while also allowing quick and easy access to authorised people
  • Can be used as a solution to secure doors, gates and barriers
  • Easy to setup and use with remote management options
  • Manage access to buildings in every sector including healthcare, education, hospitality, residential, and commercial

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