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Acoustic Walls & Partitions

Our acoustic walls and partition systems are the perfect choice for open plan spaces and private offices, busy call centres, hospitality meeting rooms, and many other working environments. They are designed to absorb sound between rooms, stopping noise from spreading to neighbouring private or public spaces, and can even be used within a single room as acoustic movable walls giving you the flexibility to partition off a larger space, such as a large conference room, whenever necessary.

Acoustic Walls & Partitions

Soundproof your space without compromising on aesthetics

In today’s modern business world, acoustic performance is key, which is why we offer high performance acoustic wall and partition systems that can achieve up to 54dB(Rw). Available in many sleek, modern designs, materials and finishes, as well as with the option of being fire rated, our experts work with you to plan the best solution for your project.

We are specialists in designing and supplying acoustic wall and partition solutions that not only soundproof your space, but also act as a stunning architectural feature. Soundproofing your office or workspace with the acoustic walls and partitions from our range will help to improve privacy, wellbeing and productivity levels, without ever compromising on aesthetics.

Our comprehensive range of acoustic solutions include Acoustic Folding Walls & Acoustic Folding Partitions, Acoustic Sliding Walls & Acoustic Sliding Partitions, Glazed Acoustic Partition Walls, Steel and Aluminium Partition Walls to name just a few.

  • Modern, effective soundproofing for improved privacy, wellbeing, and productivity
  • Designed to absorb sound between rooms and also suitable for splitting up a larger space
  • Choose from a range of contemporary designs, colours and styles
  • Available as solid partitions and wall solutions, as well as in noise reducing acoustic glass
  • Fire and non-fire rated systems available depending on performance needs
  • High performance acoustic walls and partition systems that can achieve up to 54dB(Rw)
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