Sliding Glass Doors

Our Sliding Glass Doors offer minimalist views, efficient space use and minimal maintenance. The sliding units are mounted in aluminium frames that are fitted flush with floor and ceiling—so they won’t interfere with any other aspects of your home’s design! They also feature minimal rolling resistance when operated, making them easy to use. Available in single, double and triple glazing, features include customisable colour options, wall pockets for hidden sliding operation, electric drive, protective insect screens and increased anti-burglary protection.

Sliding Glass Doors

A seemingly invisible transition between indoors & outdoors

Our Sliding Glass Doors can be used as an entrance or exit point for your home, and are the ideal choice for rooms with direct access to the outdoors. They’re made from a high grade aluminium that’s resistant to UV rays and weathering damage from the elements to ensure they do not fail over time. Perfect for those living in both hot or cold climates.

We have three glazing options available to you in our range of sliding glass doors, each engineered to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Single Glazed

The single-glazed system is designed for applications that do not require thermal insulation, and it incorporates special sliding seals that provide high sound control.

Double Glazed

Our double-glazed system offers excellent sound and thermal control capabilities, making them the most popular option in a wide range of climate zones.

Triple Glazed

The triple-glazed system provides greater resistance to wind loads and offers extra stability. The technology enhances the thermal insulation performance to meet the most stringent standards.

We know that a key part of your home’s design is how you use light and space, so, if you’re looking for a way to bring natural light into your home or a versatile solution for adding space without compromising on style or quality—then look no further than our Sliding Glass Doors!

  • Available as single-glazed (12mm) with sound seals, double-glazed (30mm) with high sound and thermal control requirements, and triple-glazed (54mm) for optimal thermal insulation performance
  • The dimensions of any standard panel can be up to 4m (larger on request)
  • Sound insulation up to 37 dB on single and double glazed options, and 44 dB on triple glazed
  • Watertightness to driving rain up to class 9A for single, double and triple glazed units
  • Resistance to wind load up to C3 for single and double glazed option, and B3 for triple glazed
  • Aluminium frame assemblies, flush to floor and ceiling
  • Features include hidden wall pockets, electric drive, increased anti-burglary protection, protective insect screen, and colour customisation
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