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We help contractors and sub-contractors to deliver outstanding projects – the right construction solutions, on time, expertly installed, all working exactly as intended. The commitment, expertise, product range and scale to help you build easier, faster and better.

Our team have over 30 years of expertise in delivering large, complex projects, often marrying multiple, competitively priced packages, allowing for smoother, more efficient projects with just one point of contact. For specialist projects, our offering includes access to innovative, unique solutions, many of which we are the sole distributors of nationwide.

A team of experts helping you to build easier, faster, and better.

How we can help you

How can we help?

End-to-end solutions from KCC

With 30+ years expertise, a broad solution offering, our own manufacturing facility, and a nationwide specification and install team we have the scale and strength to deliver on your largest, most complex projects.

Contractors we’ve worked with

I order my products months in advance of when they’re needed on site. I need someone I can trust and is flexible enough to store this for me, and deliver to site when needed and without hassle. KCC go over and above for us.
Stephen O’Callaghan, Ganson

How we can help you build easier and better

The scale and expertise to deliver on your largest projects

With 30+ years expertise, a broad solution offering, a nationwide specification and installation team, and our own manufacturing facility, we have the scale and strength to deliver on even the most complex projects.

An expert team you can trust to deliver

We’ve built a highly capable team, proven to deliver on time, install without hassle, and ensure that everything works as intended.

Save with multiple packages

We can marry multiple packages, all competitively priced – delivering complete solutions for your projects. One provider, one point of contact, less work, less administration, with a trusted partner.

Right product, right price

We supply and stock an extensive range of product (including 20,000+ ironmongery products in stock). The products and solutions to satisfy each unique requirement – be it aesthetic, usability, security, regulation or budgetary.

Clear, complete documentation

We’ll complete all drawings, specifications and documentation, with clear pricing and all changes clearly tracked as we go. Less hassle and less work for you.

Access to specialist solutions

Our offering includes many innovative, specialist solutions, for example, super-slim steel and frameless window and door systems, concealed riser doors and precision engineered over-sized movable walls.

Mastering the detail

An end-to-end, intelligent, highly-detailed, project specification and scheduling solution. Saving both architects and builders a huge amount of time and hassle.

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Access 4,000+ technical specs

Over the past number of years we’ve collated and digitised the technical specifications of more than 4,000 products - empowering your team and ours with instant access to all the detail they require.

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