Komfort Glass Partitions

Our glass partitions offer both superb aesthetics and functionality with a wide range of performance characteristics including fire resistance, acoustic insulation and thermal efficiency. Aesthetically, their clean lines and modern appearance, combined with their industry-leading performance characteristics make them an incredibly versatile interior fit-out choice. Available in a variety of styles, finishes and thicknesses, these independently certified systems allow you to create a bright, open, natural environment that inspires collaboration and productivity, whilst also allowing for privacy and structure.

Komfort Glass Partitions

Stunning aesthetic combined with industry-leading performance

Our in-house experts work closely with well-renowned, design-led glass partitions manufacturer Komfort to create a solution that suits you’re specific needs and requirements. KCC are Komfort’s official and exclusive partner in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Komfort Polar Frameless Partitions

Minimalist design with flexibility in configuration

The Polar range of frameless glass partitions offer stunning visual appeal, with an emphasis on creating an even sight line. The frameless bubble jointed glazing and slim trackwork creates the appearance of floating glass allowing an abundance of light to fill the space and naturally brighten any room. Available in single, double, and triple-glazed these systems have been intelligently designed to work together in perfect harmony, giving you maximum choice and flexibility. Additionally, the Polar range has achieved outstanding performance ratings, which have been independently tested and certified. Available in various different technical specifications to suit a variety of applications, budgets and requirements.


  • Industry-leading acoustic performance with ratings of up to 54dB(Rw)
  • Enhanced structural performance with the ability to reach severe duty at heights of up to 3.6m and achieve enhanced line loading of up to 1.5kN to BS 6180;
  • Polar Kreate is the ultimate solid cross wall solution designed to compliment the glazed Polar suite. A unique, flexible and fully relocatable bi-block partitioning system.


Komfort Framed

Flexibility in design with the highest-rated safety features


Komforts framed glazed and solid partitions provide maximum versatility for designing stylish and unique spaces. These partitions can have either angular or curved profiles with metallic finishes in any BS or RAL colour. They can also be easily combined with other solutions to create a customized look that meets all performance requirements. Available with acoustic performance ratings of up to 52dB (Rw) and up to 60-minute fire ratings for solid systems granting flexibility in design without compromising on performance.


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Sonik Doors

Easy installation, high acoustic insulation

Sonik is Komfort’s acoustic glazed door which can be integrated within all Komfort’s partitioning systems. Designed for ease of installation and future product maintenance, this system also ensures high acoustic insulation is maintained through the use of an automatic drop-down seal. The manufactured door set can be specified as a single, hospital or double door set with either lift-off hinges or with an offset pivot and floor spring.

The Sonik door range is available with many configurations through improved profiles and ironmongery sets. There are three door profiles available, including 52mm double glazed, 70mm double glazed and 70mm single glazed. This flexibility in design provides better suitability for a wide range of designer specifications.

Sonik Slide

Sonik doors are also available in a sliding configuration, an acoustic pocket double-glazed sliding door. This can be specified as a single or double door set within its own unique frameless glass partition. Sliding doors allow unlimited possibilities to divide spaces and offer intelligent space-saving benefits.


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