Movable solid partition wall in closed position that can be folded back to open up the office space fully.

Foldable | Folding Walls & Partitions

With our Folding Walls & Partitions, we’ve made it simple to create instant private areas in large spaces. Whether it’s new construction or retrofit, our Folding Walls and Partitions can easily be tailored to fit your unique applications, and because they are highly flexible they can be configured in virtually limitless ways.  Available with a selection of finishes and in various materials, heights and performance ratings, our Folding Walls and Partitions can also easily span curved openings.

Foldable | Folding Walls & Partitions

An innovative concept in space saving and flexible partitioning

Our Folding Walls and Partitions are designed to withstand years of high traffic usage, and are often specified in education settingscommercial offices, warehouses, conference centres, hospitality buildings and residential projects. The innovative folding design of this wall makes it possible to maximise space as and when needed. This is great for flexible spaces where you need a partition there today, but need an open space tomorrow.

Custom-designed to suit the specific needs of your space, our foldable partitions and foldable wall systems can also be enhanced with acoustic and fire resistance properties – providing protection and sound proofing where you need it the most.

We offer a complete range of folding walls and partitions systems, and our expertise in engineering, manufacturing and installation allows us to create tailored solutions for any room configuration. So, whether you’re in the pre-planning phase of your project or looking to add a folding wall or partition solution to your home or business immediately, our specialists will work with you to specify the most suitable folding partition wall solutions for your project.

  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • A versatile solution for space flexibility without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Easily create a private space, partition off an area or divide a larger space
  • Lightweight and flexible panelling allows you to manoeuvre the partition with ease
  • Soundproofing capabilities ensure maximum acoustic performance
  • Fire rated versions to ensure your home and business comply with all building regulations
  • Choose from a range of contemporary designs, colours and styles
  • Easy to install and the perfect solution for both permanent or temporary applications
  • Thermal insulation
  • U Value performance
  • Up to 60 minutes fire resistance
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