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Barrier Access Control

Barrier access control is vital to the security of your commercial / industrial building, your business assets and your personnel. Our solutions range from speedlanes and turnstiles and proximity card control, to fob access systems, biometric readers and audio video entry systems. All our Barrier Entry and Access Control solutions are designed to be flexible, durable and easy to install, and can be integrated with existing building management systems to provide your business with a total access control solution.

Barrier Access Control

Secure barrier entry and access control solutions.

We are experts in access control and building entry systems, and can help you with planning and designing an access strategy that improves the security and enhances the safety of your building. Whether it be for a commercial office, a healthcare facility, an education setting, or a data centre, we have the barrier access control solution to suit your project requirements.

For example, as well as to provide additional security, our Turnstile Barriers are typically used to control entry to public areas or buildings and to prevent overcrowding in high traffic areas. They are also commonly installed to provide a physical barrier between different areas.

Our proximity card readers and key fob systems are another example of secure barrier entry and access control. Employees or visitors approaching your premises can use their smart card or fob to activate the gate, lock, or other device associated with the barrier to gain access.

Additionally an ANPR system may be added to these barrier systems to further increase security measures, the ANPR system uses camera recognition technology to read cars number plates.

We offer access control systems that are reliable, easy to install and suitable for use in many different facilities and applications. From our proximity car readers to our fingerprint identification technology, we provide you with a complete solution for access control and secure identification.


  • Solutions include speedlanes, turnstiles, proximity card control, fob access systems, biometric readers and video entry systems
  • Effectively control entry to public areas or buildings
  • Prevent overcrowding in high traffic areas
  • Easy to setup and use with remote management options
  • Improve the security and safety of your building
  • Can be used to provide a physical barrier between areas
  • Comprehensive all in one solutions designed to be flexible, durable and easy to install

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