Steel Roller Shutter Doors

Steel roller shutter doors are one of the most space-saving, cost-effective and fast-acting solutions for the security and protection of your building premises. They’re also incredibly durable, thanks to the hard-wearing roller curtain which protects against weathering and corrosion. Our Steel Roller Shutter Doors are the perfect choice for oversized door openings in commercial and industrial buildings. Available with remote access control so you can operate them from anywhere, at any time of day or night, the rollers also feature an adjustable speed control so you can choose how quickly or slowly they open and close.

Steel Roller Shutter Doors

Steel roller shutters for commercial and industrial buildings

Steel Roller Shutter Doors combine the added security of a door control system with the sleek aesthetic of a contemporary steel design, making them ideal for use in any environment – from warehouses, factories, data centres and airports, to underground garages, car parks and loading bays.

For more industrial units with openings of up to 8m wide and 9m high, our high-speed roller shutters are designed to provide the best in security and performance. Available in a range of sizes to suit any opening and with high motor speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second, they offer all the security features you need while also being fast-acting and flexible enough to be opened on demand.

Our steel shutters are also easily integrated into existing buildings with a roller box option that can be installed internally or externally as a flexible roller shutter curtain on any window or door – perfect for shop fronts and retail centres.  They also come with a louvre system that allows you to adjust the amount of light you let in.

  • Fully tested and certified to EN 13241-1
  • Compliant with European standards for explosion protection
  • Conforming to latest European standards for weathering, wind resistance and air permeability
  • Robust, reliable design for every day use
  • High speed option offers an opening speed of up to 1.5 m/s
  • To fit door dimensions of up to 8m wide and 9m high
  • Integration of access control systems available to fully automate the shutter door operation

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