KCC Access Control Systems including single and multi-door solutions with RFID proximity tags and reportable audit trails

Door Access Control Systems

Our comprehensive range of Door Access Control Systems are designed with the latest technology and innovation in mind and include; door access keypad devices, electronic door access locks, fob control access, keycard door entry, swipe card door access, proximity access control, biometric technology such as fingerprint door access systems and facial recognition door access, and much more.

Multi door access control systems are a highly efficient and effective method of allowing multiple people privileges to enter and exit a building at certain times, as well as to gain or restrict access to certain areas within it.

So, whether you’re looking for a simple 2 wire door entry system, or an automated door access solution that also tracks the number of people entering and exiting your building, we have the right access control solution to suit your budget and business needs.


Door Access Control Systems

Highly efficient and effective door access solutions.

Our audio and video door entry systems allow the occupants of a building to monitor who is calling, view an image of the visitor before opening the door and conveniently allow or deny access by activating the locking device from the handset.

By implementing our Biometric Access Control solutions you can keep your buildings secure by using features that distinguish one individual from another. With these systems, users can only gain access by using their personal biometric data, such as fingerprint, palm, iris, or facial recognition.

With our Swipe Card Door Access systems, electronically coded magnetic cards are issued to authorised users. These users would then swipe their cards through the reading devices, which are typically installed at the main entrance, allowing them to gain entry into the building.

Other access control solutions we offer incorporate door access keypad devices that allow individuals with specific clearance to enter a building or to access certain areas within it, to be able to do so using a pass code rather than requiring their pass cards to be swiped.

Our proximity card readers and key fob systems also offer secure door access control by enabling people to use their card or fob to activate the lock or other device associated with the door, simply by holding it up close to the reader. Those who require access will not need to punch in an access code or have their fingerprints scanned, reducing both the time and effort associated with entry.

We are also able to provide intelligent, smart door access control systems that can be integrated into existing monitoring solutions to increase your building’s security and reduce the risk of false alarm calls. They do this by detecting unwanted visitors and stopping unauthorised people from entering your premises.

Additionally, automated door access can help in controlling the access to  controlled doors for better security and protection which is especially important in hospitals, hotels, offices, banks and data centres.


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