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We provide innovative solutions for educational environments that support effective and compliant access / security and fire strategies. Our products enhance workspaces and assist in the safe and secure movement of your staff, students and other visitors into and around your building. We offer a wide range of world-class products backed up by local expertise and design. We also provide comprehensive maintenance support to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of all products through our branch network in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

Complete education solutions

We look at your building or project as a whole and offer integrated solutions based around automatic doors, timber and steel doorsets, access control systems, specialist internal and external glazing systems, movable walls and partitions, architectural hardware, and maintenance and inspection. From a small montessori to a large university, we offer solutions that will deliver for your students, staff and other visitors.


Automatic main entrances for school buildings

The main entrance to schools, universities and other educational buildings require automatic entry systems such as sliding, swinging or revolving doors to accommodate peak foot traffic as students, staff and visitors enter and exit the building. These types of automatic doors allow free footfall and facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of people into and out of the building. For enhanced security of students and staff, their operation can be controlled whenever access needs to be restricted, for example during learning hours or in the event of a lockdown procedure needing to be implemented.

Secure access control in academic facilities

From the adoption of electronic ID cards to improved identity verification through biometric access devices, schools have embraced technology as a way of securing their facilities, however dealing with security threats to schools and education centres goes beyond this.

From simple mechanical digital locks to fully networked access management systems that can allow open access to some areas while restricting access to others, our access control solutions for education facilities cover everything from a single door to thousands of doors in large-scale academic buildings. We also understand that specific parts of your facility might be used outside school hours for extra-curricular activities and can provide access control systems that limit access to the main building while accommodating these activities.

Improved building access control increases school safety outside of the classroom by allowing only authorised people to enter in the first place, and in the event of a fire emergency, the combined use of automatic door operators and access control systems can link into the building management system to ensure escape routes are protected and will facilitate a safe and efficient egress of building occupants in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Master key management systems for education buildings

Managing access control in a large building like a school or higher education facility with multiple-access requirements can be a challenge. We can provide you with a customized master key system, specific to your needs, to maximize the security of your building, whilst minimizing the number of keys in circulation.

Our Master Key suite is a high-quality, smart security system which allows specific key holders access to designated areas or buildings while preventing non-approved access to those same places. In addition, the integration of a key management system ensures that keys or other sensitive assets do not leave your site and offers further safeguarding measures by giving you the ability to store them in specially designed secure key cabinets.

High performance timber doorsets for school buildings

Education buildings require doors that not only perform well but also provide a practical solution to the day-to-day demands faced by schools. Our high performance timber door systems are particularly well-suited for high traffic areas such as classrooms, halls and corridors. Flexibly designed and manufactured to a variety of different specifications including veneer, PVC-U, laminate, paint, primed for on-site painting, they are also available with integrated glazed panels and adjoining glazed screens and deliver a number of performance characteristics including fire resistance, acoustic insulation, radiation shielding and anti-microbial protection.

Glazed fire screens and doors for educational facilities

Glazed fire screens and doors fulfil both performance and aesthetic requirements and help to contain the spread of fire, improve visibility and allow for the flow of natural light through a building. Our glazed fire screens and doors are available with integrity only (E) or integrity & insulation (EI) fire protection ratings, depending on your specific requirements. We offer height capabilities of up to 3 metres, slim profiles, maximum glazed elements, integrated hardware and access control and manual or automatic operation, depending on the intended use. We also provide both fire and non-fire rated internal and external curtain walling systems and viewing panels.

Emergency escape doors and hardware for schools

Our emergency escape steel doors can provide safe, secure entrance and exit in educational buildings. They can be easily incorporated into a new design or retro-fitted into an existing building to enhance and improve performance. They can be integrated with a wide range of door hardware and automation systems to meet appropriate requirements and can be fire-rated and insulated up to four hours to protect personnel & property from the spread of flames & smoke. The range has been tested to BS 476 Parts 20 & 22, and BS EN 1634.

We offer fully CE marked external door solutions. Panic hardware is designed to provide high security from the outside but permanent, safe mechanical escape from the inside. Our range includes fully mechanical as well as electronic solutions that integrate with access control but always conform with the BS EN1125 Standard. The range covers solutions for timber, aluminium and steel door systems.

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