Glass Partition Panels & Screens

Our Glass Partition Panels & Partition Screens offer both superb aesthetics and functionality with a wide range of performance characteristics including fire resistance, acoustic insulation and thermal efficiency. Aesthetically, their clean lines and modern appearance, combined with their ability to be used in sliding and folding or movable formats, also make them an incredibly versatile interior fit-out choice. Available in a variety of styles, finishes and thicknesses, our glazed partition panels allow you to create a bright, open, natural environment that inspires collaboration and productivity, whilst also allowing for privacy and structure.

Glass Partition Panels | Partition Screens

A functional way to transform your workspace

In a commercial setting, glass partition panels and screens can be used in a broad number of ways.  From creating breakout areas that allow for high-density workspaces, to sectioning off private offices and meeting rooms, each project will have a slightly different need and require its own unique solution. So, we’re ready with an array of options including floor-to-ceiling glass screens and doors, with some of our systems capable of reaching incredible heights of 4800mm, and movable or folding sliding glazed walls.

Whatever your glass panel requirements are – Frameless, Demountable or Aluminium – our glazed partitions and screens offer you a functional and visually impactful way to transform your workspace. 

Our range of glazed panels and screens are flexible, durable and easy to fit. Made-to-order, they offer multiple options for sizing, finishes, sound insulation, thermal efficiency, light transmission, fire resistance and more. Our experts will work with you from initial design stage to plan the best solution for your project.

  • A stylish, modern and flexible way to separate workspaces
  • Designed to enhance the flow of light within your building
  • Available as single, double or triple glazed panels
  • Performance characteristics include sound insulation (up to 54dB Rw), thermal efficiency and the option of both fire and non-fire rated glass with integrity only or integrity & insulation protection
  • Framed and frameless variations depending on your design preferences and requirements
  • Made-to-order, and available in bespoke sizes and with multiple finishes
  • Maximum height capabilities of 4,800mm
  • Enhanced line loading of 1.5kN to BS6180, independently certified and tested
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