Audio / Video Door Entry Systems

Audio entry systems and video door entry systems are a popular means of monitoring and controlling access to individual as well as multiple occupancy apartments and offices. It allows the occupants to monitor who is calling and to conveniently allow or deny access by activating the locking device from the handset.

Standard systems are available to satisfy individual apartments and offices. Modular systems are available to cater for small networks to large complex systems.

KCC’s video entry intercom systems are typically integrated with one of our security access control systems, providing immediate access from the outside to authorised persons. Our reading devices are typically built into the door entry panel to operate the electronic locking device fitted to the door.


Security through communication

Security through communication

Our video door entry systems come with a wide range of options and can be customised in accordance with the requirements of your project. Known for their easy installation, simplicity, user-friendly interface, enhanced operating features and durability, these intercom systems are the perfect solution for your home, business, commercial or industrial door entry needs.

Video intercom systems are the most convenient, comfortable and secure way to communicate with your visitors. Plus when you choose a video door entry system with app you will be also able to manage and control your video entry system remotely by smartphones and tablet devices, which when combined with your existing CCTV cameras, gives you complete control over the security of your property, even when you are not in.

So, whether you need access control to your business premises, visitor management for construction sites or just a simple door entry system for your home, we have wide range of wired and wireless video door entry system to suit your project needs.

  • Video entry solutions for homes, offices, industrial buildings and much more
  • Control your security remotely with your smartphones and/or tablets
  • Wide range of options that can be customised to suit your project
  • Communicate with visitors from anywhere and at any time
  • Conveniently allow or deny access by activating the door locking device from the handset
  • Modular solution to cater for small networks through to large complex systems

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