Solid Walls & Partitions

Movable solid partition wall in closed position that can be folded back to open up the office space fully.

Foldable | Folding Walls & Partitions

moveable wall/partition in a classroom

Sliding Walls & Partitions

movable wall solutions allow for a more flexible use of space

Acoustic Walls & Partitions

Man operating solid moveable wall to open up the office space fully.

Accordion Walls & Partitions

Moveable wall panels being operated by a man

Movable Walls & Partitions

End-to-end solutions from KCC

With 30+ years expertise, a broad solution offering, our own manufacturing facility, and a nationwide specification and install team we have the scale and strength to deliver on your largest, most complex projects.

Access 4,000+ technical specs

Over the past number of years we’ve collated and digitised the technical specifications of more than 4,000 products - empowering your team and ours with instant access to all the detail they require.

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Mastering the detail

An end-to-end, intelligent, highly-detailed, project specification and scheduling solution. Saving both architects and builders a huge amount of time and hassle.

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