Frameless Sliding Window & Door Systems

Experience a flush & seemingly invisible transition between indoors & outdoors with Sky-Frame Swiss-made frameless sliding window & door systems.

Sky-Frame creates comfortable, stylish living environments with no compromises. These modular, Frameless Sliding Window & Door Systems combine Swiss engineering ingenuity with timeless appeal.

The rectilinear, organically curved or inclined glass units of the Classic and Arc systems guarantee a truly distinctive living experience. The single-glazed Sky-Frame 1 model offers excellent sound proofing, while the double-glazed Sky-Frame 2 and triple-glazed Sky-Frame 3 assemblies additionally meet high thermal insulation requirements. Various add-on features are also available for extra convenience.

Experience a view, not a window, with Sky-Frame.

Sky-Frame Classic Variations (1, 2 & 3)

Aluminium frames, flush to floor and ceiling

Mounted in aluminium frames that are fitted flush with floor and ceiling, the sliding units offer minimum rolling resistance when operated. Available in single, double and triple glazing, and with features such as wall pockets for hidden sliding windows, electric drive, increased anti-burglary protection, protective insect screen, and colour customisation.

Sky-Frame 1 – Single-glazed system caters for applications without thermal insulation requirements. The system also incorporates special sliding seals that offer a high level of sound control.

Sky-Frame 2 – Double-glazed system assemblies meet high sound and thermal control requirements, making it the most popular Sky-Frame solution as an outstanding performer in a wide range of climate zones.

Sky-Frame 3 – Triple-glazed technologically advanced system further enhances the thermal insulation performance to meet the most stringent standards. The triple-glazed elements offer extra stability and even greater resistance to wind loads.

Additional capabilities of the Sky-Frame Classic system

  • Sky-Frame Fly – Allows residents to enjoy summer weather without being plagued by insects. When not in use, the pleated screen fully retracts out of sight into the frame. Tear-resistant tension cords made from vectran fibre and the integral system section guarantee maximum stability and weather resistance.
  • Sky-Frame Sun – The sun solar shading assembly offers protection against heat and strong sunshine. The flat aluminium slats are carried on filigree guide cords that are easy to remove and fix back in place whenever necessary.
  • Sky-Frame Automation – The electric drive allows straightforward and virtually noiseless operation of the sliding elements at the press of a button.
  • Sky-Frame Guard – The Sky-Frame sliding window system is burglar-resistant and can, where required, be fitted with laminated safety glass and additional security hardware concealed in the frame. Alarm sensors can also be integrated to monitor the details.
Sky-Frame Arc

Curved glass fronts for organic contours

The sliding elements of Sky-Frame Arc are used to create curved glass fronts, thereby adding organic contours to the home environment. The radiused glass units offer smooth running performance and can be equipped with an automatic drive on request. The system meets all Sky-Frame standards and, as a streamline architectural feature, opens up a wealth of additional design options.

Available in Sky-Frame 2 or Sky-Frame 3 (double or triple-insulating glass) with thermal insulation and UV protection.

Sky-Frame Pivot

Open a temporary new space

The windows pivot around the asymmetrically located axis, temporarily opening a new space. The electromechanical multipoint locking system guarantees safety and security. The window system can be fitted with laminated safety glass with additional security hardware in the frame. Available in double and triple glazing, with colour customisation allowing you to bring your vision to life.

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