Hospitality Locking Systems - Upgrades

Upgrade to RFID technology quickly and easily

Transform your existing locks into smart, cloud-connected devices that increase security and improve your user experience. KCC offer three upgrade options to make the process as easy as possible and minimise disruption to your business.


Why Upgrade to RFID (Contactless)?

  • Trending market technology
  • Eliminates demagnification
  • Enhanced security
  • Intuitive, no need to insert card into lock
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Maintains fire certification
  • Cost-effective solution – low installation cost and existing lock parts reused
  • No noise, no dust, no guest disturbance
  • Minimal inconvenience, no down time for the hotel
  • Enhanced aesthetics – sleek, modern design
  • Option for new opening devices (bracelets, etc)


Three options for a quick, easy and clean upgrade process

Partial upgrade:

Basic Upgrade Option offering enhanced technology for your hotel and guests with minimal cost and minimal disruption. KCC will replace the existing key card reader on your locks with an RFID plate to facilitate contactless access.

Phased upgrade:

A good option for minimal disruption. You keep control of the costs. Select a number of locks to upgrade first. Upgrade locks in planned phases and run the existing key card system with the upgraded RFID system simultaneously until all locks are complete.

Full upgrade:

Revitalise your full locking and back-end system with the latest RFID contactless technology to enhance your guest experience and minimise maintenance costs long-term. An aesthetically-pleasing, technologically-advanced solution.


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I have had a service contract with KCC in Belfast for a number of years now and have always found their service to be efficient and prompt. We recently upgraded our door locks in the past year with the new ‘Onity’ system and find them of very high quality with no issues. I hope that we can continue working with them for the foreseeable future.
Clanree Hotel Conference & Leisure Centre

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