Access Control Systems

The fundamental advantage of an access control system is the ability to programme who has access, to which doors, at what times and days, for how long, or to automatically lock or unlock specific doors within certain timeframes. It also provides the opportunity to report a log of events at each door and by user.

Access control systems generally fall into two categories; those which are ‘battery powered’ and those that are operated via a power supply unit connected to mains supply, and are classed as ‘hardwired’.

Battery Powered Systems

Intelligent locks and long battery life

These systems combine low energy techniques with high energy batteries to provide intelligent locks that deliver battery life of up to 60,000 cycles or up to three years. They can provide many of the features of the ‘hard wired’ alternatives, yet at a fraction of the installed cost.

Locks are managed from a database located on a PC or via an app located on a smart phone. New access permissions and door events are exchanged via Wi-Fi or via a portable programmer.

Hardwired Systems

Monitoring events in real time

Electrical systems vary enormously in sophistication and therefore application, from a simple digital code reader for a single door, to a multi-door, combined technology networked system for an airport. Every system has 4 essential ingredients at the door; an external reader unit, some form of electronic locking, a power supply, and a means of egress.

Hardwired systems have the benefit of being in constant contact with the network, exchanging permissions and door events in real time and having assured performance, not relying on a Wi-Fi network for example.

Features include:

  • RFID proximity tags.
  • Up to 50,000 users.
  • Virtually unlimited number of doors.
  • View events in real time.
  • Memory capacity of the last 30,000 events.
  • On screen photo ID for visual verification.
  • Multiple time profiles that can be set up and applied to users or user groups.
  • Holiday schedules set up in advance.
  • Anti-pass back, disallowing shared access credentials.
  • Alarm muster, used with anti-pass back, immediately identify individuals in a building of zone.
  • Searchable and reportable audit trail of the last 30,000 events.
  • Door alarms in real time – door open too long, door forced, illegal attempted entry, etc.
  • Plans and maps that show door and alarm locations.
  • Time and attendance data collection for third party solutions.
  • Remote site management – manage multiple locations from a central point.

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