Hermetically Sealed and Cleanroom Doors along a hospital corridor

Hermetically Sealed / Cleanroom Doors

In environments where infection control or contamination prevention are critical, KCC offer effective access solutions with a range of fully hermetically sealed doors, cleanroom doors, and specialist x-ray doors. With vast experience in both healthcare and good manufacturing practice (GMP) sites, we deliver both standard and bespoke solutions to aid our clients in the provision of safe, secure access to critical areas such as operating theatres, cleanrooms, laboratories and decontamination chambers. Doors can be coupled with touch-free activation or integrated with access control or interlock devices to complete the installation. These doorsets are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, with or without vision / privacy panels with manual or automated operation, offering users low maintenance, safe and reliable solutions. All KCC automated door systems are specified and installed in compliance with European Standard BS EN16005.

Hermetically Sealed Doors

A safe, reliable solution for a complete air seal

In environments requiring a clean room or hygienic door solution we can provide our DL Clean range of complete door sets ,which combine clean room door, operator and controls and a bespoke sealing system that allows positive airflows out of critical areas whilst preventing airflows into the critical space. We can achieve this using a fully glazed door, a solid HPL faced door or a door with vision or vision/privacy panels. We can also provide lead lined versions for Radiology suites. We can couple the doors with touch free activation or integrate with access control or interlock devices to complete the installation. 

This automatic door solution is commonly used in operating theatres, Radiology Suites, GMP Clean rooms and processing suites, Decontamination suites and General treatment areas in hospitals and clinics.  

We also provide lead-lined versions for radiology suites. The use of Diva 5 operators with a specialist track system mechanically seals the door in position. This not only ensures a perfect seal but also allows the door to be operated manually in the event of an electrical failure. 

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Cleanroom/Hygienic Doors

Controlling airflows in critical areas

We offer a range of specialist fire-rated, steel-framed doorsets for environments that demand a cleanroom or hygienic door solution with both manual or automatic operation. These systems combine the cleanroom door, operator, and controls, with a bespoke sealing system, to allow positive airflows out of critical areas whilst preventing airflows into the critical space.

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Lead-Lined X-Ray Doors

Bespoke sizes with customised applications

Lead-lined versions of our hygienic and hermetically sealed doors are available to suit x-ray area applications and are supplied both with and without vision panels. These doors are available with or without fire rating in standard and bespoke sizes and are controlled by a purpose-built opening system which is designed to cease radiation upon closing for patient and staff safety. Doorsets are naturally environmentally friendly with long life expectancy and low life cycle costs.

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