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Specialist products that help save lives

We understand that your facility has different areas with different requirements. We work closely with you to design a solution specific to each areas individual requirements.

We offer peace of mind with complete, integrated, compliant anti-ligature doorsets for specialist environments in addition to a wide range of anti-ligature hardware, specialist door products and related accessories designed specifically for Mental Health facilities and other areas where patient and staff safety is a priority. We work with clients to create a solution that works for their specific needs. Our expert partners have developed products that protect lives from listening to people with mental health issues, their clinicians, facility management teams and architects and gaining a deeper understanding of the requirements of all users in mental health environments.

We endeavour to provide our clients with both advice and knowledge when developing their project specifications and subsequently products that will assist in keeping all service users, patients and staff, safer. All products have been tried and tested rigorously.


Complete doorset solutions

We offer complete, compliant anti-ligature doorsets with all operating ironmongery integrated, ensuring that all components work together harmoniously for greater peace of mind for all users.


Door top alarms

This highly specialist product unique, tamper proof system detects when weight is applied to the top of the door and has a variable alarmed delay setting between 5 and 30 seconds. The door top alarm connects via mains power and is compatible with most staff attack systems. In the event of an emergency situation, it alerts staff via an audible alarm, visible light, staff indicator panel and via the pager or main computer.


Anti-ligature hardware & accessories

Our range of specialist anti-ligature hardware has been tried and tested rigorously to DHF TS001 to ensure that patient and user safety remains the core focus of all projects. Products commonly specified and used in mental health facilities include anti-ligature levers, electronic locksets, mechanical locksets, anti-ligature hinges, removable doorstops, and concealed floor springs.

Not all areas of your facility have the same requirements

Communal areas

These are likely to be heavy footfall areas, subject to heavy usage on a daily basis by patients and staff alike. These areas can incur heavy maintenance costs due to the level of wear and tear to fixtures and installations and we specialise in providing highly durable, long-lasting, low maintenance solutions that prioritize user and staff safety and comfort whilst also protecting walls, doors and other surfaces. In communal areas you are likely to require products and installations such as anti-ligature TV covers, radiator covers, ventilation grilles, smoke detector protectors, continuous geared hinges, vision panels, anti-ligature levers, locksets, pull handles, bathroom sets and handrails for example, to reduce the risk of self-harm or injury.

Bedroom areas

Bedrooms should be an area of solace and relaxation where patients can work on their recovery and rehabilitation. It should feel homely, peaceful and welcoming whilst also ensuring user safety. A typical bedroom in a facility requiring specialist anti-ligature support would include anti-ligature doorset with integrated anti-ligature lever, lockset and continuous gear hinge. Often the doors would feature a concealed floor spring and door top alarm for added protection and reduced ligature risk and a removable doorstop function to allow intervention by staff or carers where necessary, such as in a barricade situation. Doors would often also include a vision panel with an integrated blind for patient privacy or monitoring as required. Depending on the facility, bedrooms might also require anti-ligature radiator, tv or ventilation grille covers, window restrictors or load-release clothes hangers.

Ensuite areas

Patient or user bathroom and ensuite areas need to provide privacy and discretion whilst ensuring patient safety at all times. The doorsets, integrated hardware, removable doorstops and door top alarms specified can be similar to those used in the bedroom areas or alternatively, specialist “safe doors” can be used, which are constructed from a lightweight soft foam and coated with a resilient, anti-microbial, stain resistant vinyl material to withstand daily usage. It eliminates all typical anchor points associated with doors and hardware that could pose a risk to user safety in a mental health facility and ensures that under an excess load of no more than 9kg, the door would separate from its frame, leaving no remaining points of ligature. Internally, most ensuites would also utilise load-release accessories such as shower curtain rails, soap dishes, towel rails, shelves or paper roll holders in addition to specialist anti-ligature faucets, stoppers and shower heads.

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