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Movable Walls & Partitions

Our movable wall solutions allow for a more flexible use of space within a building while offering excellent acoustic properties and insulation values, making them ideal for creating smaller meeting spaces or offices within one large meeting or conference room. With a variety of finishes to choose from, the system runs smoothly along a track by means of ball-bearing trolleys for a superior end user experience.

Movable Walls & Partitions

Create a smarter, more flexible working environment

Our Movable Walls can be more than 15 metres in height and are designed to meet the strictest fire safety requirements. We partner with Parthos, one of the few manufacturers in Europe who have developed a wall able to withstand flames for up to 60 minutes (E and EI). Parthos also supply movable walls with an EI30 fire resistance rating and a non fire rated version.

You can use our range of movable office partitions and walls to transform any interior space into a dynamic, flexible workplace. With our specialist range of sliding folding partitions and movable wall systems you’re able to create innovative and exciting configurations for your workplace that can easily adapt to changing team structures and meet evolving business needs.

Choosing to create a more flexible working environment doesn’t have to mean major construction. Create a smarter, more flexible areas with the freedom to configure your interior space easily and efficiently with our versatile movable walls and partitions. Our specialists will work with you from the very start to plan the best movable wall solutions for your project.

  • Easily and efficiently re-configure your interior space to adapt to changing business needs
  • Smooth, ball-bearing operation for a superior end user experience
  • Superior sound proofing options (Sound insulation up to 58dB (Rw) offered through our acoustic movable walls systems
  • Additional performance characteristics include thermal insulation, as well as fire rated options designed to meet the strictest fire safety requirements
  • Made-to-order, and available in bespoke sizes and with multiple finishes
  • Semi-automatic variations available
  • Available as EI30 or EI60 fire resistance

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