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Helping you to create a welcoming and memorable first impression for your guests

Providing access and security to the hospitality sector goes far beyond just fitting a lock to a bedroom door. From the very moment your guests arrive, they are interacting with the access, automation and security systems of your hotel or guesthouse. 

Hotel entrances are specifically designed to provide an inviting first impression and access control systems found throughout the building work to ensure a more comfortable guest experience – from the main entrance foyer to the privacy of their bedroom.

Complete hospitality solutions

From the main entrance, through the lobby and into the bedroom, your guest comes into contact with a range of people, systems & elements that all come together to create the lasting impression of your hotel.

Automatic entrance doors for hospitality facilities

The front entrance is generally the first touchpoint and experience that a guest or client has with an establishment. It should create a strong and lasting impression consistent with the level of service they can expect from their overall experience with the hotel and brand, from booking through to check-out. With the option to use revolving, swing, sliding or folding automation, our doors are expertly engineered to ensure an exceptionally smooth automated entrance, providing a seamless transition from the outside elements into the hotel’s welcoming atmosphere.

Our stylish and robust automatic entrance solutions are manufactured from only the highest quality materials and are customised to your exact project specification, with a range of performance characteristics, colours and finishes available to suit your needs.

Integrated with smartphone & app technology

Our systems can be bluetooth-enabled meaning your guests can manage their booking from their mobile phone. The optional bluetooth function and supporting app is highly convenient for late night check-ins or when clients wish to skip the queue. It also offers hotel contact information for clients requiring directions. Your bedroom locking system can be integrated into your own hotel app or alternatively, you can avail of a purpose-built app to facilitate this service for your guests.

Experience modern hospitality: Enhanced accessibility

When it comes to the technology that creates access and secures rooms, KCC can offer a world class range of solutions backed up with local expertise and service to ensure your guest experience is always to the fore and all the systems align. With automatic doors and locking systems that can be opened using cards, fobs and even smartphones, we can create truly barrier-free access for guests. In line with modern technological advances, we offer Bluetooth and mobile-access technology so that as your customers’ expectations change, so too can your offering.

Many guests expect to have contactless access to their bedroom, the elevator, gym or spa facilities during their stay. Many guests also appreciate being able to check-in remotely and avoid queuing at the front desk, or to use their mobile phone to open their doors or access other resident-only areas. We have the software and systems to facilitate this and to create an enjoyable, stress-free experience for your guests.

Make your space work for you

Movable walls and partitions allow for a better, more flexible use of space within any building. Our most popular options offer excellent acoustical properties and insulation values, ideal for creating multiple smaller function rooms or conference centres from one large ballroom for example. Our walls can meet the highest fire safety requirements. We work with Parthos who are one of the few manufacturers in Europe who have developed a wall able to withstand flames for longer than 60 minutes. We also supply walls with a fire resistance rating of 30 minutes and fire retarding walls.

Service & Maintenance

With our Service & Maintenance support we provide tailored maintenance solutions, specific to your facility, including the option of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) which gives your hotel or guesthouse 24/7 support and technical assistance. With a team of skilled engineers and technicians operating across the island of Ireland, we offer maintenance solutions for all automatic doors, manual doors, access control systems, bedroom locking systems, ironmongery, movable walls and more. We also provide a full fire door inspection service and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any areas of non-compliance that may require remedial works or replacement.

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