End-to-end solutions for Healthcare facilities

Helping you provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for your patients and staff

Whether it be a hospital building, a treatment clinic, a specialist care facility or a residential care home, every healthcare environment requires individually tailored entrance and access control solutions to meet its specific demands.

From automating your healthcare building’s main entrance to restricting accessibility of its prohibited areas, our automatic doors, access solutions, security locks, safety glass, and communication systems are designed to regulate, monitor and control entry to your healthcare building as well as how people passage through it.

Enhanced security management, touch-free access readers, hermetically sealed and cleanroom doors, as well as surface protection options, also help to improve infection control of your healthcare building by limiting cross-contamination and allowing one-way traffic flow – ideal for emergency rooms, X-ray rooms, operating theatres, kitchen areas, and patient wards.

As part of our complete, end-to-end healthcare solutions, our Fire Safety services assist you with a fully compliant and effective fire strategy including regular fire door inspections, whilst our Maintenance Solutions help to minimise disruptive downtime to your healthcare facility whenever preventative or pre-planned maintenance is needed.

Complete healthcare solutions

We look at your building as a whole, offering integrated solutions that support healthcare environments with effective and compliant entrance systems, access control, security management and fire safety.


Automatics and access control for healthcare facilities

With our automatics & access control solutions for healthcare, we help you manage who is entering and exiting your facility and assist you in the safe and secure movement of your staff, service-users, patients, and visitors in and around it. Automatic entrance options such as our revolving doors and our fully glazed sliding entry systems provide universal access to the main thoroughfare of your healthcare facility whilst controlling the flow of people, maintaining a safe and clean environment, and minimising heat loss.

Specialist glazing and doors for healthcare buildings

Our steel doors, which can be integrated with automation systems and fitted with a range of architectural door or panic hardware, provide healthcare buildings with safe and secure emergency escape entries and exits. To help improve visibility, and allow for the flow of natural light within the building, internal glazed screens and doors, which can also be fire rated, are available. Whilst our acoustically tested and easy to use, moveable walls and partitions allow for flexible spaces within your healthcare environment – ideal for turning one large room or ward into two or three smaller spaces.

Safe door hardware for healthcare environments

Our Door Hardware for healthcare buildings include panic hardware options as well as patient protection solutions such as specialised Anti-ligature hardware, door top alarms, and full mortice hinges to minimise the risk to life of patients in your care. In addition, the use of door vision panels allows for both patient monitoring and privacy, as and when required. Other specialist ranges of architectural hardware include anti-microbial door furniture which offers decomposition of infectious bacteria and micro-organisms as well as a high degree of durability.

Fire safety solutions for healthcare facilities

Containing and controlling the spread of fire is crucial to providing users and occupants of a healthcare building with a safe passage to escape in the unfortunate case of a fire. Our effective and fully compliant fire strategies for healthcare facilities incorporate fire doors and fire rated screens, riser doors, fire shutters and curtains, emergency escape exit systems, as well as smoke and heat ventilation systems. Fire Doors are life safety devices, therefore to keep them fit for purpose, we also provide bi-annual Fire Door Inspections for you Healthcare facility.

Service & Maintenance

With our Service & Maintenance support we provide nationwide maintenance solutions, including the option of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) which gives your healthcare facility 24/7 support and technical assistance. Our skilled engineers and services team offer maintenance solutions for all our automatic doors and access control systems, master key suites, ironmongery, door operators, closers & motors, emergency escape hardware, moveable walls, and surface protection.

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