Explore the benefits of specifying revolving entrance doors

22nd March 2024

Discover the benefits of revolving entrance doors and find out why they’re the go to entrance choice in modern architecture.

When it comes to designing the entrances of buildings, automatic doors, such as revolving doors, offer many benefits that can enhance the aesthetic, security, and energy efficiency of any building project. Here we explore the main advantages of revolving entrance doors to discover why they are becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern architecture.

Enhanced Aesthetics

In many cases, revolving doors are not just a functional necessity but also a defining feature of architectural design. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into a building’s façade means they can adapt to various architectural styles, whether it’s modern, contemporary, or classical. The result is a unified and aesthetically pleasing entrance that offers instant curb appeal. These striking doors make a statement from the moment you approach the building, providing a grand entrance that becomes a defining feature of your overall design.

One of two large glass revolving door entrances at All State Headquarters in Northern Ireland. The large revolving doors with adjacent automatic swing doors create a strong and impressive entrance into this modern Grade A Commercial Office space.

Improved Security

As well as elevating your project’s architectural design, specifying revolving doors will also offer improved security for your building. Unlike traditional doors that can be easily held open, revolving doors provide controlled entry that prevents larger groups from entering the premises all at once. By regulating the flow of people, they are able to successfully deter potential security threats, and unauthorised access. Revolving entrance doors can also be integrated with other security systems and safety protocols within a building e.g. CCTV cameras, access control systems and alarms to provide a comprehensive security solution. Integration of these systems also allows for real-time monitoring and quick response to any security events or breaches.

Olympic House Commercial Office Block in Belfast features an impressive automated revolving door entrance system with adjacent automated swing doors, all sitting within a modern, glazed facade. The doors are access controlled to monitor the flow of people into and out of the building, enhancing occupant safety through granting access to authorised building users only.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Revolving doors are often specified for entrances as they contribute to increased energy efficiency and more environmentally conscious building designs. Their unique rotating design minimises airflow, reduces heat transfer, and maintains a consistent interior temperature which serves to lower energy usage. This, in turn, reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling which decreases HVAC costs and providing building owners with long-term cost savings. Additionally, by providing better climate control, revolving doors also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with these systems.  Their energy efficiency and sustainability credentials make revolving doors the perfect option for building owners and businesses looking to enhance their environmental performance.

Moxy Hotel Revolving Door Hospitality Solutions from KCC Group

Revolving doors such as this one on the Moxy Hotel in Dublin are often specified for their energy efficiency capabilities. Unlike traditional swing doors, revolving doors minimize the exchange of indoor and outdoor air when people enter or exit a building. This helps in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. By reducing the amount of internal conditioned air escaping and outside air entering, revolving doors help in conserving energy used for heating or cooling.

Managed Flow of People

Revolving doors offer a practical solution for buildings with high foot traffic. These doors are particularly suitable for locations with a constant influx of people, such hospitals, commercial offices, airports, shopping centres, hotels, and mixed-use developments. With their ability to accommodate multiple people entering and exiting simultaneously, revolving doors significantly reduce congestion and improve the flow of people in and out of a building. This is particularly beneficial during peak hours or busy periods when conventional doors might become crowded and hinder movement. By helping to manage the flow of people, revolving doors ensure the  smooth and efficient movement of individuals to enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Revolving doors typically have multiple compartments divided by wings that rotate around a central axis. These compartments create a physical barrier between the indoor and outdoor environments, allowing only a limited number of people to enter or exit at a time. By controlling the number of entry points, revolving doors regulate the flow of foot traffic into the building.

Why specify revolving entrance doors?

Revolving entrance doors are no longer just a stylish and luxurious feature of upscale commercial buildings. They have become a practical solution for architects and business owners who value security, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and convenience. They can add value to building across all sectors and help create a positive first impression that is welcoming and secure. The benefits of revolving entrance doors make them an excellent choice for those who want to elevate their architecture, improve their energy efficiency, and enhance the security of their buildings.

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