Enhancing accessibility, efficiency and more. Features and benefits of automatic doors.

14th December 2023

Features and Benefits of Automatic Doors

As building designers and owners strive to meet the changing needs and expectations of modern buildings, automatic doors are becoming a more common feature in construction. Businesses and institutions are working hard to create environments where their users can enjoy higher levels of safety and accessibility. From maintaining hygiene standards in healthcare settings to improving security in schools and universities our automatic doors offer a range of features and benefits.

Features of Automatic Doors:

Motion Sensors: Our automatic doors are fitted with sensors that detect motion in their vicinity. This allows for seamless operation without any human interaction. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where hygiene is of critical importance such as healthcare buildings. The touchless entry minimizes the transmission of germs by eliminating the need for touch door handles etc.

Adjustable Speed and Sensitivity: Our automatic doors have adjustable speed and sensitivity settings which can be customised to suit the specific needs of the environment in which they are being installed. For example, slower speeds can be selected to ensure safe passage for children in a school setting or heightened sensitivity can help to maintain free-flowing traffic in commercial buildings with high footfall.

Remote Control Access: Some of our automatic door systems can be controlled remotely enhancing security by allowing security staff or building owners to manage access from one central location. This feature is also beneficial during high-traffic periods or emergency situations by helping to regulate traffic.

Energy Efficiency: Our automatic doors feature timers that ensure doors automatically close when not in use. This not only helps to reduce energy consumption but also contributes to operational costs such as heating by helping to maintain the temperature in the building.


Case Study: Olympic House, Belfast

We were involved from the initial design and specification stage of this prestigious project, working closely with the design teams to provide a fully certified and integrated automatic entrance system.

On the exterior envelope of this commercial building, we provided two TORMAX fully automatic revolving door systems to facilitate both the entry and egress of building users and to ensure energy efficiency and minimal heat loss for the sustainability-conscious building. Adjacent to each revolving door installation we provided Safe Pass automated swing doors with access control on both the interior and exterior of each.


Benefits of Automatic Doors:

The way people move through different spaces and enter buildings has been revolutionised by automatic doors. The cutting-edge technology and creative design in our range of automatic doors provides many benefits that satisfy a range of requirements and improve the user experience in general.

Improved Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Automatic doors are essential for promoting accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities. They offer an obstacle-free entrance, making it possible for people to move around freely without being restricted by wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids. Our doors have movement-detecting sensors installed, making it possible to operate them hands-free and making entry simple for those with weak or limited strength. Automatic door openers ensure equal access to public spaces for all, in line with Part M, and encourage independence by removing the need for manual door opening.

Enhanced Convenience and Efficiency: Along with many other benefits, our automatic doors provide increased convenience and efficiency by guaranteeing quick and easy access and departure in busy locations like commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, and public buildings. They enable smooth traffic flow and decreased congestion by utilising their sensor driven activation and fast reaction times. They can also be integrated with our access control systems to restrict access to certain areas in the building and record attendance. In busy environments, the improved efficiency as a result of our automatic doors not only improves overall operational productivity but also improves the user experience.

Energy-Saving Capabilities: Our automatic doors also contribute to sustainable building practices through their considerable energy-saving capabilities. They help to maintain consistent temperatures in the building thanks to design features that minimise heat loss. Our automatic doors are also conservative on energy use as a result of their motion sensors which prevent unnecessary operation when foot traffic is lower.

Increased Security and Safety: Our automatic doors also offer several security advantages. Through integration with our access control systems entry and exit to sensitive areas of the building can be controlled and monitored. They also have safety features that react in emergency situations and can be programmed to stay open and allow for a swift evacuation when needed.

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