The 5 door automation trends that are revolutionising our building entrances

25th April 2024

Nowadays, building entrances are much more than just a means to an end! They are no longer mundane portals for entering and exiting a building, but sophisticated gateways that seamlessly adapt to our specific needs. In fact, entrance systems in modern building design are being revolutionised by state-of-the-art automatic doors and access control systems thanks to their many advantages including enhanced security, improved efficiency, and ease of access for all.

There’s no doubt that automatic entrances are growing in demand, and in this article we’ll explore the top five door automation trends that are shaping the entryways of the future.

Trend 1: Biometric Automation

biometric access control systems with fingerprint reader

One of the most ground-breaking door automation trends is the development of biometric access control.  These sophisticated systems authenticate users through their physical characteristics e.g. fingerprint, palm, iris, or facial recognition. Their advanced technology provides building owners with a highly secure and convenient access control solution that enables ‘iron-clad’ identification of individuals before granting them entry. From commercial offices and residential buildings, to data centres and multi-use developments, biometric access control is revolutionising entrances. Enhancing security, streamlining access, and eliminating the need for physical cards or keys.


Trend 2: Contactless Automation

Contactless Access & Activation Switches for disabled access

Following the recent global events, there is still a huge emphasis on hygiene and infection control in buildings and facilities of all types. It is no surprise then that the demand for contactless entry systems has gained significant traction in the door automation industry. These systems utilise sensors and motion detection technology to open doors without physical contact. Allowing individuals to navigate their way through buildings, whilst minimising the spread of germs. Contactless automation solutions are suitable for both new build and retrofit projects.


Trend 3: Mobile & Bluetooth Automation

How many times have you reached your work place, apartment block, or hotel and found yourself fumbling for access cards or keys? Mobile and Bluetooth access control is the latest solution for overcoming this bug bear. Revolutionising how we enter buildings by allowing the use of smartphones and tablets to act as virtual keys, mobile and Bluetooth systems provide one of the most convenient and efficient access control mechanisms available. Additionally, for hospitality settings Bluetooth access systems help to enhance guest and user experience by facilitating remote check-ins, which serves to reduce queues at the reception area.


Trend 4: Cloud-Based Automation

Y-cam home security camera

Cloud-based access systems are playing an increasingly important role in door automation because of their many advantages including enhanced flexibility, scalability, and remote access management. These systems provide real-time data on door events, and also allows remote site management. This means that businesses can centralise access management of multiple sites through a single interface, ensuring consistent security protocols across all locations.


Trend 5: IoT Smart Automation

Onity trillium hospitality locking system

The Internet of Things has transformed traditional building entrances into intelligent and interconnected entrance systems that offer advanced functionality. With IoT technology, smart entryways can seamlessly integrate with other devices and systems within a home or building. For example, a smart lock integrated with IoT technology can be synchronised with a security system, enabling real-time alerts and automated responses in case of unauthorised entry. Additionally, IoT-enabled entrance systems can be connected to voice assistants, mobile apps, and other smart home devices for unparalleled control.


KCC Group Door Automation

As we go about our day, automatic entrances have become integral to our lives. From our work places, to travelling, to eating out, to visiting a healthcare setting, automated entrances offer a seamless and secure way to enter, exit and move around all types of buildings.

KCC Group proud to be at the forefront of door automation technology with innovative solutions that enhance security, convenience, and efficiency. From biometric access control that ensures only authorised individuals gain access, to IoT integration for seamless communication and remote monitoring, our tailored solutions cater to diverse customer needs, from small businesses to large corporations. Contact us to learn more about transforming your premises into a secure and technologically advanced environment.





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