See the world’s first and only fully alarmed anti-ligature door system at IHEEM 2024

3rd May 2024

We’re proud to be the main sponsors of this year’s IHEEM Northern Ireland Conference & Exhibition, taking place on May 14th and 15th at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. Our team will be onsite to engage in discussions and answer questions regarding the design and maintenance of safe and secure healthcare environments. We’ll be showcasing a fully functional, fully alarmed doorset to highlight our commitment to safety.

Safe & Robust Mental Health Doorsets

Collaborating with leading manufacturers, we offer a range of anti-ligature hardware, accessories, and fully integrated anti-ligature doorsets tailored for challenging mental health environments. Among these is the “Symphony Doorset,” the world’s first and only full-door ligature alarm system. This advanced doorset provides live status monitoring by converting the entire door into a weighing scale that detects vertical loads over 5kg. Learn more about the Symphony fully alarmed anti-ligature doorset capabilities here.

Designed with input from architects, designers, clinicians, and service users, the Symphony doorset prioritizes recovery. Its components work harmoniously to address challenges in every mental health environment, balancing aesthetics, safety, and robustness. Rigorously tested for durability, these non-institutional doorsets are specifically designed for inclusive Mental Health units that support recovery.

See the Symphony Doorset at IHEEM 2024

We’re excited to have Safehinge Primera at this year’s IHEEM event, showcasing the world’s first full-door ligature alarm system.

Ian Howell, Service Manager for KCC Group, emphasizes, “Our specialist anti-ligature doorsets are essential components in healthcare environments prioritizing patient safety. These doorsets are meticulously designed to address challenges in mental health settings, where traditional doors can inadvertently pose risks to vulnerable individuals due to ligature points. By implementing an anti-ligature strategy, building managers significantly reduce the risk of harm, enhancing overall safety and staff well-being.”

Ian further notes, “Seeing these doorsets in action at the IHEEM Exhibition allows healthcare estate managers to witness firsthand how they promote safety, reduce harm, and align with regulatory standards, enhancing safety protocols within their facilities.”

We look forward to meeting with our clients at IHEEM 2024 to discuss their challenges in maintaining safe healthcare environments.


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