Speedlanes and turnstiles for crowd control in public buildings

6th June 2024

Discover the advantages of specifying speedlanes and turnstiles for crowd control in your next public building project.

Maintaining the safety and orderly movement of individuals is essential in any environment, and this holds particularly true for public buildings, where effective crowd control becomes paramount. However, managing the large influx of people efficiently while maintaining high security standards in these types of spaces can be a fairly complex challenge.

This is where the implementation of advanced access control systems, like speedlanes and turnstiles, is crucial. These types of access control measures are key to ensuring people move safely and smoothly in public establishments such as leisure centres, financial buildings, government buildings, and more.

Read on to explore the features and benefits of these modern access control solutions, and discover how specifying these state-of-the-art technologies can help you to enhance the security and flow of people in your next public building project.

The role speedlanes and turnstiles play in crowd control

The role of speedlanes and turnstiles in crowd management extends far beyond their basic function as physical barriers. These crowd control systems incorporate advanced access control technologies capable of streamlining entry and exit processes to better manage the flow of people in buildings with high foot traffic.

In fact, speedlanes and turnstiles provide the perfect balance between security and efficiency by ensuring only authorised access while maintaining a smooth flow of people. They are key to effective crowd control, mitigating bottlenecks, reducing queue times, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Benefits of specifying speedlanes and turnstiles in public buildings

Improved Security

One of the main advantages of speedlanes and turnstiles is their ability to bolster security measures. Equipped with advanced identification technologies such as RFID, biometric scanners, and QR codes, these systems facilitate a quicker and more secure verification process to efficiently prevent unauthorised access.

This multi-layered approach to access control in public spaces including banks, financial institutes and government buildings, plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity of a safe and secure environment. By permitting only authorised individuals to enter or exit the types of premises, the integration of speedlanes and turnstiles represents a proactive approach to security and operational management.

Enhanced Efficiency

Speedlanes and turnstiles are designed for optimal flow efficiency. These systems facilitate the quick and smooth passage of individuals, minimising bottlenecks and preventing overcrowding. Enhancing the efficiency of spaces, particularly in busy public buildings, becomes especially valuable during peak times when the flow of people significantly increases.

Additionally, the real-time data analytics provided by modern access control solutions such as speedlanes and turnstiles offer a deeper layer of operational insight. Facility managers can leverage this information to understand traffic patterns, identify peak hours, and anticipate potential issues before they occur. This proactive approach to crowd management is crucial during emergency situations where controlling the movement of people can significantly impact safety.

Versatility and Integration

The versatility and integration capabilities of speedlanes and turnstiles make them key elements in enhancing any building’s security infrastructure. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security systems, providing a comprehensive and unified approach to access control and management.

Whether used in a leisure centre requiring a user-friendly access solution or in a financial institution in need of stringent security measures, speedlanes and turnstiles can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any environment. Their compatibility with various third-party systems, including CCTV, alarm, and fire control systems ensures a seamless operation across all security components, and is key advantage of specifying these access control solutions for your public building project.

Aesthetic Appeal

Speedlanes and turnstiles have evolved beyond just function to also serve as aesthetic enhancements within many buildings. No longer unsightly or obtrusive, these security measures are thoughtfully designed to complement and even elevate the architectural appeal of their environments. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, they can be customised to suit diverse settings, from sleek corporate offices to robust industrial sites.

Offering flexible design options that can seamlessly integrate with the specific architecture and design of any space, speedlanes and turnstiles provide adaptable and visually appealing crowd control solutions without sacrificing on functionality.

Application of speedlanes and turnstiles across other sectors

Sports & Leisure Centres, Community Pools, Libraries, etc

For environments requiring accessible entry, such as sports and leisure centres, community pools, or libraries, speedlanes and turnstiles offer the ideal balance between effortless access and robust security.

In these types of settings, prioritising visitor safety and satisfaction is key, making speedlanes and turnstiles the go-to choices, as they offer an intuitive access route that don’t compromise security standards. Designed for efficiency, these access control systems ensure smooth flow even during peak times by implementing smart entry and exit protocol, integrating seamlessly with membership systems for swift verification, and ensuring an environment that is both inviting and secure for everyone.


Financial Buildings, Research Labs, Data Centres, etc

For banks, financial institutions, and other high-security facilities, including data centres, research labs and corporate headquarters, speedlanes and turnstiles deliver unmatched protection.

These access control systems, equipped with advanced verification technologies such as biometric scans, high-level encryption, and surveillance integration, ensure that only authorised personnel access sensitive areas. Tailorable to specific security needs, speedlanes and turnstiles not only restrict entry but also offer an audit trail for compliance and investigative reasons, ensuring comprehensive security and accountability.

Woman uses card reader to operate full height turnstiles

Incorporating speedlanes and turnstiles into the access control plans of public buildings, leisure facilities, financial institutions and other high-security spaces such as data centres, marks a major advancement in ensuring both safety and effective crowd management. At KCC Group we offer state-of-the-art, tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations in safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. By specifying our advanced access control solutions, you can achieve a seamless balance between welcoming openness and uncompromising security in your next building project.

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