Sector Focus: Healthcare

27th January 2023

Healthcare Facilities in Ireland have been under severe pressure since the onset of Covid in 2020. The sheer volume of people using our healthcare facilities over the past number of years demonstrates the need for durable, long-lasting facilities, able to withstand heavy usage and continuous footfall.

We work with new build, refurb and retrofit projects providing customised solutions that suit the needs of our architectural clients, our contractors and our building managers and owners and their building users. We look at your building as a whole, offering integrated solutions that support your environment with effective and compliant entrance systems, access control, security management and fire safety.

Whether it be a hospital building, a treatment clinic, a specialist care facility or a residential care home, we understand that every healthcare environment requires individually tailored entrance and access control solutions to meet its specific demands.

Take a look at our 3D healthcare video to see how we can support you.

We understand the need for durable, long-lasting reliable doorset solutions with operating ironmongery suitable for healthcare environments and their users.

We understand that some healthcare facilities have more vulnerable service users and therefore have a requirement for specialist anti-ligature solutions.

We understand the need for glazed screens and doors throughout the building to provide both natural light and protection from fire.

We understand the need to properly house and protect building services with fire-rated riser doors and we’ll do so in the most compliant yet aesthetically pleasing way for you.

We understand the benefit of contactless access control in hygiene controlled environments.

We understand the need to restrict access to certain areas to specific staff or other users.

We understand the need to work with a dependable and experienced provider who won’t let you down.

We understand buildings and we can help you deliver compliant, functional spaces backed up by technical specifications, test evidence, certification and decades of industry knowledge and experience.

Read about our work in these 3 recent healthcare projects around Ireland

Ulster Independent Clinic, Belfast
St Mary’s Primary Care Centre, Cork
Lisburn Primary Care & Community Centre, Belfast

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