Enhancing efficiency and experiences with automatic door solutions

4th March 2024

Automatic Doors provide people entering and exiting buildings with convenient and easy access.  They are important to the overall building design, helping building owners to provide safer and more welcoming spaces for those who visit their premises. The numerous benefits offered by these automated doors have resulted in the demand for automatic door solutions to increase significantly in recent years. Often specified in retail centres, airports, hospitals, hotels, education buildings and more, automatic door systems have become an essential part of today’s building designs.

In this article we’ll explore five ways our state-of-the-art range of automatic doors can significantly improve the efficiency of your building while enhancing the experience of everyone who uses it.

1. Streamlining entry and exit processes

One of the primary advantages of automatic doors is their ability to streamline entry and exit processes. Traditional doors can often lead to congestion, especially in busy buildings with high footfall such as a university campus. Automated doors on the other hand offer a much more effective solution to managing the flow of people in, out, and within a building. With their control sensors and motion detection technology, automatic doors ensure swift and efficient access, allowing people to move effortlessly throughout your building. Additionally, you can program these automatic door solutions to open and close at specific times of day or night. Making them an ideal choice for areas that do not have 24/7 staff presence.

2. Improving energy efficiency and sustainability

The growing demand for door automation is partly driven by the emphasis of energy efficiency in building design. As individuals, organisations, and governments continue to prioritise energy conservation, specifiers are using automatic doors to help reduce energy wastage in buildings. This is because with their swift opening and closing capabilities, automatic doors can effectively minimise the loss of conditioned air. Meaning that in addition to ensuring a more comfortable internal environment for occupants, automatic doors also help to reduce the heating and cooling costs associated with these spaces. There is a clear connection between a building’s energy efficiency and its sustainability, and automatic doors provide a high-performance and visually pleasing solution. With their energy-efficient credentials, they help building owners reduce their buildings energy consumption, which in turn has a more positive impact on the environment.

3. Promoting accessibility for all

Making buildings fully accessible so that people, regardless of ability, can navigate them with ease and independence is crucial. For this reason, automatic door systems are an important factor when it comes to inclusivity in modern day building design. With control features such as push-button activation, touchless sensors, and voice-activation, automatic doors are designed to meet a diverse range of accessibility needs. These automated doors are particularly beneficial in public spaces with high footfall. This includes places such as shopping centres, airports, hospitals, and commercial office buildings. Making it more convenient for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues to enter these premises and easily move around within them. In addition, the installation of automatic doors within buildings allows businesses to enhance the experience of those who enter and use their premises. This is because they provide visitors with effortless entry and exit, and remove the need for them to struggle with heavy doors, to create a more welcoming and user-friendly environment for a more positive experience.

4. Ensuring safety and security

Automatic doors are designed with advanced safety features that prioritise the well-being of users. Equipped with sensors, these doors can detect the presence of obstacles in their path. This means that if someone or something is in the way, the doors will immediately stop and prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring. This is especially important in busy environments such as shopping centres, hospitals or train stations. Moreover, the sensors in automatic doors also detect the approach of individuals, enabling the doors to open just in time and prevent any collisions. Whether it’s someone carrying heavy bags, a wheelchair user or an elderly person, these doors adapt to the needs of different users In addition to their safety features, automatic doors can also be seamlessly integrated with existing security systems. By combining access control systems and CCTV cameras, automatic doors can become an integral part of a buildings security infrastructure.

5. Enhancing building design

Nowadays, businesses strive to create spaces that are welcoming and that prioritise the comfort, convenience and safety of all who visit or occupy them. For this reason, well considered architectural planning and building design are hugely  important. Accordingly, many architects and designers have found that automatic doors can significantly help to enhance the designs of their building projects. With options customisable to specific functional and aesthetic needs, automatic doors can integrate seamlessly with building design, providing both a stand-out and functional entrance and exit solution. Specifiers can choose from a wide range of materials, finishes, and design elements to tailor the ‘look and feel’ of the doors, as well as their functionality, to the specific project needs. That means, from sleek glass finishes to elegant wood or modern metal designs, you can customise automatic doors to fit your desired aesthetic. Furthermore, by integrating the design of the automated entrances with the building’s overall layout, a more uniform and streamlined appearance can be achieved. The adaptability of these versatile automatic doors improves the overall experience for both building occupants and visitors across a wide range of industries.

Our range of state-of-the-art automatic doors

KCC Group has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality, efficient, and reliable automatic door solutions. From automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, and curved sliding doors to telescopic doors, hermetically sealed and clean room doors we are revolutionising the way people enter and exit buildings. Whether it’s a commercial space, hospital, hotel, university or any other building, our automated door solutions will help to enhance efficiency and improve experiences.



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