Black framed telescopic door used in tight space as an entrance system

Telescopic Doors &
Folding Doors 

The ideal solution where space is at a premium

Telescopic or folding sliding doors are ideal for entrances where space is limited, to partition corridors, and to maximise access to narrow spaces. Our range of automatic telescopic doors and folding doors is available in a variety of different models, with a mix of customisable features and functions to choose from. Perfect for interior and exterior spaces that experience high traffic, we deliver multi-leaf systems, with profile options including thermal bridging and all-glass. All installed, serviced and maintained by a qualified, expert team in compliance with national standards.

Automated Telescopic Door Solutions

Portalp DIVA L telescopic door

Ideal for public spaces with heavy footfall. Maximum height capacity of 3,100mm. Double leaf weight capacity of 2 x 60kg, four leaf weight capacity of 4 x 40kg. Achieve a maximum width of 3,600mm with four leaves. Customisable functionality includes opening width, door speed and torque, and time delays

GEZE Slimdrive SLT

Ideal solution for extremely narrow glass facades, for interior or exterior doors with heavy traffic volumes.  Discreet drive height at just 7cm. Maximum double leaf weight 2 x 80kg, or four leaf weight 4 x 70kg. Opening width on double leaf up to 3,000mm, four leaf up to 3,600mm. Integrated infrared motion detector, quiet operation.

Automated Folding Doors

Automated folding door systems are an ideal solution when space is limited and when maximum access widths must be achieved.

Slimdrive SF / SF-FR folding system

Ideal for when space is at a premium and maximum passage widths must be retained. Maximum four leaf weight of 4 x 40kg. Opening width four leaf up to 2,000mm. A drive height of just 7cm allows for perfect integration into the slimmest of glass facades. Integrated rechargeable battery for emergency opening and closing. With intelligent digital control and super quiet operating.

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