ONE Haddington Buildings, Dublin

External steel doors with louvred effect
close up of external steel door on plant room with louvred feature
internal steel glazed fire rated doorset with side panel
glazed fire screen overlooking reception lobby area of modern commercial building
double fire-rated glazed steel doorset and adjacent large glazed wall in modern commercial office
5-panel glazed fire screens in modern commercial buidling
view of two-storey entrance lobby from second floor through full height glazed walls
office corridor with slim framed glazed screen wall and glazed entrance door
modern office space with glass wall and door to enter and exit
close up of modern office space with glass wall and door feature around bathroom and stairwell corridor
Double fire-rated glazed doorset with adjacent glazed fire-rated screens in modern office
view of two-storey internal glazed atrium from ground floor
view of two-storey glazed atrium of modern office building from ground floor
modern office lobby with two-storey high ceiling and upper glass sections overlooking main reception area
large open plan communal space in modern commercial building with glazed screen walls and glazed atrium ceiling
single steel framed glazed fire-rated doorset with similar sized glazed screen
Double fire-rated doorset glazed with side screens
view of corner glazed wall in open plan communal space in modern office development

Fire-rated glazing and security door solution for refurbished Grade A Office Building in Dublin

  • Sector Commercial
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Architect: BKD Architects
  • Contractor: Merrion Contracting

Project Overview

This impressive 42,000sq foot grade A commercial office development has gone through huge refurbishment works to bring the previous facility up to modern standards and to create a stunningly modern, functional space for commercial occupants. We worked closely with the design team in BKD Architects and with main contractors Merrion Contracting to provide a suite of external security doors for the ground and lower ground levels of the building, in double and single variations in a dark grey, lourved finish. These doors were fitted with panic hardware and serve as final exit / secure emergency escape doors for the building. We also provided a range of external steel security doors for the plant rooms of the building. Internally we worked closely with the design team on the specification of large glazed screens and doors on each floor of the building, providing a stunningly modern aesthetic to the main entrance 2-storey lobby of the building overlooked from a fully glazed atrium which houses the office and corridor spaces upstairs which lead into the open plan office accommodation on each floor. The majority of these screens and doors were designed to provide 60 minute integrity and insulation protection (EI60) in the event of an emergency while also allowing a vast amount of light to travel through all key areas of the building. On the ground floor we also installed a series of glazed screens and doors to the main atrium common area, which form the main internal walls of a beautifully bright and spacious breakout area for staff and building occupants, made even brighter by a fully glazed atrium roof, which is overlooked by the upper floors of the building. We also provided a full ironmongery package with all appropriate accessories for all doors across the entire building.