An end-to-end project specification and scheduling solution: Opening the doors to specifying outstanding buildings.

15th June 2022

During the specification and construction process multiple plans and documents for each product proposed must typically be submitted to the client and planners for review. From the architect’s perspective, this process is time consuming and tedious, so to save them from this hassle, KCC Group have streamlined the process of creating construction documents,  making it more efficient, accurate, and straightforward. In the third of this six-part series, we look at how KCC 360 helps architects and contactors to specify and deliver outstanding buildings.

Opening the doors to specifying outstanding buildings.

Part Three: An end-to-end project specification and scheduling solution.

As a direct response to the shifting landscape of specification and a lack of integrated information that has plagued the industry for years, KCC Group have developed a unique specification and project scheduling solution that delivers clear, easy to follow, fully compliant ‘Design submittals’, ‘Project set submittals’ and ‘Technical submittals’, all from one single-source.

Known as KCC 360, it is a highly detailed, time-saving, and hassle free service that takes away stress, speeds up client approval time, and reduces your risk by giving you all the detail, plans, drawings, specifications, warranties, and certifications for every door, automation, access, hardware, riser door or wall system on your project.

A common feature of the design process is the need to review and approve plans prior to construction and a common challenge with this is that it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what is being specified in any given area, or to pick out specific areas of interest.

To combat this, our experts start by colour coding each element of your floor plans, highlighting the door, hardware and glazing areas and identifying the key parts of the access and automatics strategy to empower you with a clear picture of your project.

KCC 360 project floor plan


This provides our specifier clients with an easy to interpret visualisation of where the key elements of the project are located and helps them to determine if the plans need to be adjusted.

Following this, we produce a comprehensive break down of all the elements that make up your project. We do this by mapping out the individual components to produce a ‘Project Set Submittal’ and include the relevant colour coded keys from your floor plans, so that you can easily relate each element back to its location in the overall plan.

It is standard practice in the construction industry to produce multiple detailed documents for individual products. These are often sent to the client for review, along with a proposal, and this can take several iterations before the final document is agreed. Tony Campbell, Associate Director at KCC Group goes on to explain

At KCC we felt there was a better way of handling project specifications, so to save architects the time and hassle of multiple reviews and chasing of the client, we have developed a process that is efficient, accurate and straight forward. Collating all the information into one single book, we bring together datasheets, specification text, certifications and warranties, for every component, every element, every set of your project.

KCC 360 is a revolutionary specification tool unlike any other system out there. As the old adage goes, “the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”, that’s why we provide all the technical information in one place, for one review and approval, taking care of the detail, so you don’t have to, helping you to specify outstanding buildings.

Detailed operational overview of each door type

Detailed operational overview of each door type

Specification and project scheduling made easy.

A step by step guide to the KCC 360 process

1. Project information sent through by the client

Project floorplans, elevations, door schedule & M&E floorplans are sent through to KCC from the architect as part of the project specification process.

2. Received documentation reviewed by KCC specification experts

Our specification experts will review and analyse the floorplans and project information, mentally walking through the building like the user would to understand and design an appropriate access strategy and to see where we can assist or offer a solution relating to the automation, access, fire compartmentation, spatial design, hardware or ventilation requirements of the building.

3. Specific client requests are acknowledged

Once reviewed, our team also acknowledge any specific requests from the client and provide any required NBS specifications or specification text before progressing the project through the KCC 360 process.

4. KCC 360 profile is created

The project is then created in 360 with a specific ID for ease of amends or reference down the line. The floorplans for each level of the building are uploaded to 360 individually as part of the collective project file.

5. Requirements of each individual space is reviewed

Our specification experts have extensive experience in reviewing project drawings and floorplans and use their knowledge of different building types and their intended users to give consideration to specific functional or access requirements for each individual room in accordance to building regulations – for example, restricted access to a drug storage area in a hospital.

6. The most appropriate solutions are selected and presented in a colour-coded floorplan

KCC Group have spent years collating and gathering all of our product data into a vast library and our specification experts draw from this extensive range of pre-built KCC “sets” (eg. timber, steel or glazed doorset with pre-determined group of products specially selected for specific door types and includes all necessary ironmongery, access control, automation and door specification if required) to identify the most appropriate solution for each opening in the building. This library of pre-existing sets can be filtered according to door type, material, size, fire resistance requirements, hardware requirements etc to select the optimal set for each. We then allocate appropriate sets to each opening within the building.

7. ‘Design submittal’ and ‘Project set submittal’ is created

Our pre-determined sets comprise all required documentation and clear visibility of all products specified for ease of review and approval.

8. An extended ‘Technical submittal’ is produced

Our specification experts carefully work their way through each floor of the building, allocating sets to each opening. Upon completion they are able to produce a full technical submittal with all product information, specification text, warranties, fire certification, test evidence or performance records and a corresponding detailed design submittal for you.

9. The client is provided with a single source for ease of review and approval

This comprehensive document then goes back to the client for review and includes a project sets submittal, a design submittal, an extended technical submittal and a colour-coded floorplan linking everything together for ease of reference and approval. This provides a crystal clear, easy to interpret visualisation of where the key elements of the project are located, and allows for you to easily distinguish between them. You’re empowered with a clear picture of your project, accelerating project reviews and helping to determine if the plans need to be adjusted.


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