Facades, Partitions & Doors

Custom, slim-frame, internal and external, steel and aluminium glazing, and movable and glass partition solutions for premium commercial and residential projects.

Slim-Frame Steel Systems

World’s slimmest steel profile systems from leading brands for commercial & residential applications – minimal sightlines, stunning aesthetics and functionality combined.

Frameless Sliding Window & Door Systems

A view, not a window. Experience a flush and seemingly invisible transition between indoors and outdoors with Sky-Frame Swiss-made frameless sliding windows and doors.

Glazed Fire Screens & Doors

Integrity, insulation, acoustics, security, aesthetics – fire rated glazing systems with maximum glazed elements and minimal profiles for all commercial applications.

Wall Systems

Glazed or solid, smooth minimalist design, fire rated, acoustic – effective use of space with the freedom of expression through countless design options.

We’ve a great relationship with KCC. They’re planners and specifiers are always so helpful and both their detailed drawings and their specification documentation are a huge help.
Oliver Safer, Aughey O’Flaherty

End-to-end solutions from KCC

With 30+ years expertise, a broad solution offering, our own manufacturing facility, and a nationwide specification and install team we have the scale and strength to deliver on your largest, most complex projects.