Sliding Doors
& Curved Doors

A range of easy to use, automatic sliding doors designed for installation and integration into both new and existing structures. We supply and install both single and double sliding door types, with thermally broken options and activation triggers including radar, push button and access control. Specific solutions for heavy traffic footfall, framed and frameless glazed variations, all in a variety of finishes to match the overall aesthetic or design of the building. All installed, serviced and maintained by a qualified, expert team in compliance with European Standard EN16005:2012.

Sliding Door Solutions

Reliable performance, flexible design 

We offer a wide range of world-leading brands of automatic sliding door automation to suit your specific project requirements. We work with you to design the optimum solution for your building in terms of durability, weight capacity, spatial limitations, height restrictions, location, perceived usage, aesthetics, activation and access requirements, and door leaf type.

Our sliding door systems can cater for door heights of over 3 metres and double or single leaf weights. Most systems are available in a selection of colours and finishes compatible with a range of controls, activation or detection devices for ease of use and accessibility for all users.

Our automation experts are on hand to advise you on the most appropriate system for your specific needs.


Popular sliding door solutions include:

Portalp TINA Sliding door system:

Slim and compact drive unit (10cm), graphical interface with LCD screen, user-friendly, easy installation, capable of carrying leaves weighing up to 2 x 120kg, reaching passage heights of 3,100mm and widths up to 2,900mm. Removable covers on both sides of the detector provide easy access to the drive unit. Available in different ranges of profiles, including all glass variation, LUMINA.

GEZE Slimdrive SL NT:

User-friendly, electro-mechanical drive system for automatic linear sliding doors. Internal or external, single or double leaf doors, with or without fire and smoke resistance. Overall drive height of only 7cm, making it ideal for glass facades where door components have to appear slim and delicate. Available with 1 or 2 leaves, with maximum leaf weight of 125kg per leaf. Opening width for 1 leaf 700-3,000mm, for 2 leaves 900-3,000mm. Easily configurable inputs and outputs for a variety of functions.

GEZE Powerdrive PL sliding system:

Electro-mechanical drive system for automatic linear sliding doors. Internal or external, single or double leaf doors, with or without fire and smoke resistance, up to 2 x 200kg leaf weight, automatic adaptation to traffic flow, suitable for use on fire escape routes.

GEZE ECDrive T2 sliding system:

Electro-mechanical drive system for automatic linear sliding doors. Internal or external, single or double leaf doors, available with or without smoke or fire resistance, up to 140kg leaf weight, overall height of 10cm, automatic adaptation to traffic flow.

Curved Sliding Door Solutions

Strong visual impact, elegant & functional

Curved Sliding Door Systems have the benefit of creating a strong visual impact as an entrance system as well as providing the maximum clear opening for a given footprint. The large opening size facilitates universal access and can also be used for emergency egress when coupled with the relevant fail-safe systems. As with most KCC automatic door systems, integration with building management systems is possible to enhance the versatility of the entrance. Curved sliding systems are used in many applications, most often in hotels, restaurants or spas, offering an impressive entrance to visitors. Options include semi-round, round-airlock, oblong airlock, outside curved or inside curved. Dimensions are customisable, with a wide range of finishes available. Functions include infrared remote control, monitored infrared curtain and locking through infrared key.


Curved sliding system solutions include: 

Portalp DIVA Round and Curved doors:

Wide radius and curvature for wide and deep entrances. Curved diameter up to 3,000mm, round diameter up to 3,700mm. Maximum height 3,100mm. Single leaf weight 140kg, double leaf weight 2x140kg.

GEZE Slimdrive SCR:

High performance capabilities, low operator height of just 7cm, very high access freedom, two-motor technology to ensure highest level of safety, all-glass variation available (Slimdrive SC GGS), emergency exit compatible version available (SC-FR / SCR-FR), simple operation, easy installation.

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