Woodside Hauliage Head Office, Ballynure

Automation & Access Control Solutions for Modern Office & Delivery Hub

  • Sector Commercial
  • Location: Ballynure, Northern Ireland
  • Architect: Todd Architects
  • Contractor: Martin & Hamilton

Project Overview

Woodside Hauliage is a leading and widely recognised logistics company throughout the UK & Ireland. We worked closely with Todd Architects and main contractor Martin & Hamilton to create a bespoke automatic and access control solution for this state-of-the-art office and delivery hub.

We worked on the external automation for the building which included a Tormax 3-wing revolving door at side of building for drivers entrance with adjoining safety automatic swing door and sliding door automation for the main double-lobby entrance with integrated access control. We also supplied and installed an access control system on all external doors which was bespoke to user requirements as well as concealed frame Selo riser door solution to all service areas throughout the building.

Our timber door manufacturer Elite Doors supplied a full timber doorset solution with integrated KCC hardware for this building using a combination of single, double and leaf and a half variations in an American white oak finish. Vision panels were used on a wide selection of doors throughout the building to faciliate way-finding and the flow of natural light into each space which can be particularly beneficial in darker lobbies or corridors at the core of the building. We worked closely with Elite to ensure all doors were pre-prepped for KCC hardware during manufacturing.

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