Buildings Post Covid-19

Internationally, we have never been more aware of what surfaces we touch or come in contact with as we enter and move through buildings. Now no longer unique to the healthcare sector, we are working with clients on new build and refurbishment projects in all sectors to create access and automation strategies that are both hygienically sound and fit for purpose for the building and users in question.

The move from conventional entrances to automated systems

Where contactless access is a priority a fully automated door system is a simple solution. We offer an expansive range including sliding, swing, revolving, folding or hermetically sealed automated door systems or automation only systems for retro fitting to existing doors. These coupled with our various contactless activation and access devices can provide safe secure access and movement through your building that is tailor made to your specific requirements.

Key features / benefits

  • Hygienic solution - Eliminates need to touch the door for entry
  • Suitable for both new build or retrofit projects
  • Integrates with existing access control, electric locking and fire safety systems
  • Multiple operating modes including shop closing & hold open available
  • Provide both functionality and good aesthetics
  • Options for high traffic or low traffic entrances
  • Certified fire rated versions available

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Thermal scanning units as a first line of defence

Facilitating a safe return to work

As one of the first lines of defence in every workplace, the entrance, lobby or reception area will be at the forefront of adaptations considered to facilitate a safe return to working environments in our ‘new normal’. We can offer temperature scanning units with fever detection technology and optional facial recognition or face mask detection.

These modern thermal scanning units facilitate a contactless temperature measurement. Easy to install and use, they can be freestanding on their own stand or wall-mounted as per your requirements and can be effectively integrated with entrance systems such as turnstiles and speedlanes for enhanced security.

Contactless and Bluetooth access control

Using contactless activation sensors rather than traditional push buttons

We offer versatile, contactless activation and door release switches which can be used in place of push buttons and other activation point devices that would normally require contact to engage. The ‘Magic Switch’, for example, detects motion towards its sensor at up to 50cm, can be flush or surface mounted and is rated up to IP52 so is suited to most environments including clean room and clinical. It easily integrates with existing systems including automatic doors and access control doors to provide a safe clean method of operation and is commonly used by KCC in their complete access systems across all sectors. As an alternative we also offer other slim, aesthetically-pleasing activation switches using infrared technology and motion detection to operate automated doors.

Choosing mobile or Bluetooth access control systems over keypads or key cards

With the advent of contactless payments and Bluetooth connectivity it is now possible to create systems for unlocking and activating doors via your phone or tablet. This can not only provide enhanced security for access but also negates the need for physical contact with push buttons or keypads to get where you are going. We provide a range of options from complete locks to activation readers which will work with your phone as well as other items such as proximity cards and fobs. For hospitality clients we can offer Bluetooth access for an enhanced guest and user experience and to facilitate remote check-ins, thereby reducing the need for queues at the reception area.

Antimicrobial protection for frequently touched surfaces

Protecting against germs, viruses and bacteria

To protect against the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria on frequently used hardware and surfaces, we offer a ground-breaking coating technology with anti-microbial qualities, developed by Bromoco International and leading biochemists and used internationally in a wide range of applications for anti-microbial protection. This virtually invisible coating is suitable for application either on-site, or in the factory, making it an ideal solution for both new buildings and retrofit projects.